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Yellow Game Level 1-50 Solutions and Answers All Puzzles

Yellow Game Level 1-50 Solutions and Answers All Puzzles. All puzzle solutions on one page. Find help below if you are stuck on a yellow level. We have solved all levels for you. Think outside the box to solve the question and problem.

Yellow Game Level 1-50 Solutions and Answers All Puzzles
Yellow tips, hints and walkthrough guide.

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What the developer Bart Bonte say about the puzzle game app:

Yellow, a puzzle game for you. Can you make the screen yellow in all 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.

Yellow Game Level 1-50 Solutions and Answers All Puzzles

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Yellow Game Level 1

Push yellow button, Keep pushing until complete screen turns yellow.

Yellow Level 2

Drag down > drag upper part to down

Yellow Level 3

Erase 3 > Erase 3 using your finger

Yellow Level 4

tap screen and hold > Move finger to cover part of 4 > Do it for all 3 parts

Yellow Level 5

Use buttons to figure out what they do. First button to move yellow bar. Second button to fix bar.

Yellow Level 6

Rotate upper triangle to overlap lower triangle. No black part should be visible.

Yellow Level 7

Rotate clockwise > Keep rotating.

Yellow Level 8

Cover black dot using ball. Pull in direction of hole and then release. Try until you succeed.

Yellow Level 9

Swipe to fill the sreen. Don’t get your path blocked.

Yellow Level 10

Button is blinking black / yellow. Tap bar only when it is yellow. Tap all the bars.

Yellow Level 11

Pull the rope downwards. Keep pulling from right. Pull until screen is yellow.

Yellow Level 12

Keep Button pressed. Release when it get smaller.

Yellow Level 13

What is game name? YELLOW. Tap characters in order: Y-E-L-L-O-W.

Yellow Level 14

Press the square that blinked.

Yellow Level 15

Click any bar. Confirm using button. Button will turn yellow.

Yellow Level 16

Lift ball to highest point > let it drop. Repeat the step.

Yellow Level 17

Cover the triangle with 4 pieces. Upper piece must be at centre.

Yellow Level 18

Bottom 1st row tap once to turn yellow. 2nd row tap 2 times on each triangle. 3rd row 3 times on each triangle. 4th row 4 times on each triangle.

Yellow Level 19

First, Keep pressing the top right button for 2-4 seconds to make button yellow. Tap bars to make them yellow. Repeat if needed.

Yellow Level 20

Every button shows direction and number of steps. Start from any button.

Yellow Level 21

Middle one rotates all. Outer turns middle.

Yellow Level 22

Use upper and bottom button only. Then upper button to Light top bar. Next bottom button to move bar down. Stack bars bottom using upper and bottom button.

Yellow Level 23

Button and neighbour button inverses. Neighbour button rotates clockwise. Start from middle and finish with borders.

Yellow Level 24

Try all buttons. Only one button works first. Press neighbour buttons to see the pattern.

Yellow Level 25

Play with bars. Place first two bars up and last to bottom

Yellow Level 26

Watch, do nothing. Don’t touch screen. It will automatically turn yellow.

Yellow Level 27

Swipe and turn yellow. Don’t block your way

Yellow Level 28

Triangle below 2 or 2nd row from bottom. 2nd triangle from left.

Yellow Level 29

Drag the bar to left. Make a circle to complete

Yellow Level 30

RDLLUURR (R-Right, U-Up, D-Down, L-Left)

Yellow Level 31

Tap and move finger. Tap bottom bar, Swipe Right/Left to turn it completely yellow. Swipe up to turn screen yellow.

Yellow Level 32

Its night. Rotate earth clockwise to turn screen yellow.

Yellow Level 33

If you start from the Right button then: RRLRLLLRLRR ( Left or Right)

Yellow Level 34

First bar should be UP. Second bar is Down. Third Bar is Up.

Yellow Level 35

Two buttons Left and Right. LRLRLRLRLRLR or RLRLRLRLRLR.

Yellow Level 36

Swipe to color them yellow. Swiping will move screen. Fill all the rows and column by swiping in all directions.

Yellow Level 37

Press any one button to turn yellow. Tap new yellow button. Find all pairs and turn them yellow.

Yellow Level 38

Put balls in black hole. Pull back and put in hole. Put both balls in to complete.

Yellow Level 39


Yellow Level 40

Turn the one facing down to the right. Turn the new facing down to the right. Then turn facing left to up. Then turn the middle one facing right to up.

Yellow Level 41

Button and neighbour button inverses. Neighbour button rotates anti-clockwise. Start in the middle and finish to borders.

Yellow Level 42

Lift up the numbers and try to covers horizontal and vertical line.

Yellow Level 43


Yellow Level 44

Button inverses neighbors. If neighbors are left and right then it will be converted to Up and Down.

Yellow Level 45

Slide Arrows into the hole they will disappear

Yellow Level 46

The four corners buttons of this Level acts as 4 arrow keys. Move middle yellow part using these 4 arrow keys. Move to every black part so that everything turns yellow.

Yellow Level 47

You are the 4th bar. Tap fast multiple times on that bar to win.

Yellow Level 48

Tap on middle button. Teeth will come to bite your finger. Show your reflexes and when they start to bite, remove your finger from the screen. Screen will turn yellow if removed before it came to your finger.

Yellow Level 49

Draw a 4×5 Grid and use the pen to mark the all old squares and pass this

Yellow Level 50

What is this game name? YELL_OW. First tap on YELL then OW.

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