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Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 1-60

Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 1-60 game puzzle answers and solutions are solved below. A game by Betta Games / Oak Technology. Just scroll down to find the cheats. Connect the letters and guess the words. Tons of furniture choices and different style apartments.

Hints, tips and walkthrough guide is available on this one page.

App store link: Google and iOS

What the developer Betta Games / Oak Technology say about the word game app:

Have you ever dreamed to say goodbye to the messy urban life and give yourself a long vacation? Orange town can satisfy all your expectations! Here, you can partner with family and friends to create a seaside holiday paradise Resort. In the new direction of finding a business – operating a resort, you will also marry your true love. Connect the letters, guess the words correctly, play the innovative vertical and horizontal puzzles, and the super difficult levels,Ready for the challenge?

Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 1-60

Support the creator of the game. Winter has officially arrived in Orange Town. Decorate your garden for an exciting Christmas Party. Build snowmen to bring holiday joy to all.

Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 1-10

Level 1
Red, Deer.
Level 2
Bell, Bel.
Level 3
Card, Ark, Card.
Level 4
Gif, Fit, GIT, GIFT.
Level 5
Far, Fair, Air, Fir.
Level 5
Drip, Rid, Dip, Rip.
Level 6
She, Hue, Sue, Use.
Level 7
War, Raw, Rain, Warn.
Level 8
How, Howl, Who, Owl, Low.
Level 9
Nip, Pin, Ink, Pink, Kin.
Level 10

Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 11-20

Level 11
Wee, Ewe, Sew, See, Dew.
Level 12
Zone, Nose, Son, One.
Level 13
Cyan, Any, Can, And, Day, Candy.
Level 14
Year, Dear, Read, Dare.
Level 15
Urge, Rude, Red, Rug, Urged, Drugs, Dug.
Level 16
The, Tee, Teeth, Thee.
Level 17
Mono, Son, Soon, Moon, Moo.
Level 18
Sack, Shack, Hack, Cash.
Level 19
Sat, Say, Any, Ant, Tan
Level 20
Harp, Hair, Rah, Sharp, Ship, Pair, Spar

Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 21-30

Level 21
Reed, Deer, Defer, Feed, Red, Fed, Fee, Freed, Reef, Free
Level 22
Ion, Horn, Nor, Iron, Rhino
Level 23
Pal, Lap, Slap, Spa, Sap
Level 24
Sail, Rail, Lair, Air, Liar, Sir
Level 25
Sore, Rose, Some, Worm, Meow, Wore, More
Level 26
Cop, Ups, Cup, Ops, Sop, Sup
Level 27
Hew, Welsh, Slew, She, Sew
Level 28
Gust, Gush, Shut, Thus, Thug
Level 29
Mam, Mama, Mad, Madam, Dam
Level 30
Slop, Sop, Plop, Ops

Word Villas Christmas Answers Levels 31-40

Level 31
Cop, Soup, Upon, Con, Coup, Spoon, Soon, Son, Spun, Cup
Level 32
Mice, Disk, Dime, Dim, Mid, Dice, Resk, Reck, Sic, Sick, Kid, Disc, Ski, Side, Die
Level 33
Roast, Soar, Star, Sort, Toss
Level 34
Con, Ore, Hero, Cove, Oven, Core, Cone, Over, Cover, Echo, One, Once, Her, Horn, Corn
Level 35
Nan, Annoy, Any, Nay, Yon
Level 36
Para, Hair, Car, Chair, Chip, Rap, Pair, Arc, Arch, Cap, Par, Rip
Level 37
Boll, Bellow, Below, Bowl, Lobe, Elbow, Blow, Well, Blew, Bell
Level 38
Set, Steer, Tree, Rest, Reef, Feel, Self, Free, Ree, Lest, See, Left, Fee, Steel, Felt, Flee, Let, Else, Fleet
Level 39
Sum, Sue, Use, Musket, Set, Emu, Met
Level 40
Yes, Yep, Spy, Set, Yet, Pet

Levels 41-50

Level 41
Hero, Chose, Zero, Her, Chores, Shoe, She, Horse, Rose, Ore, Shore, Score, Hose, Core
Level 42
See, Sheer, Sea, Ash, Has, Ear, Hear, Here, Era, Ease, Her, She, Share, Ashes, Erase
Level 43
Knot, Nest, Sent, Note, Nose, Tone
Level 44
Crest, Cries, Rest, Strict, Cite, Sir, Rite, Test, Tries, Tie, Stir, Sic, Rise, Set, Tires, Ice, Sir, Rice, Site, Its
Level 45
You, Union, Unison, Son, Sunny, Sin, Nun, Noisy, Sun, Soy, Inn
Level 46
Site, Sir, Rib, Bet, Tries, Rest, Set, Best, Sit, Test, Its, Stir, Rise, Tribe, Bit, Bitter, Bite, Tire, Rite
Level 47
Sup, Dump, Ups, Sum, Mud
Level 48
Net, Eat, Sent, Sat, Tea, Ant, Set, Neat, Sea, Seat, Tan, Ten, Nest
Level 49
Wed, Ewe, Dew, Wee, Edge, Gee
Level 50
Amused, Assumed, Sued, Mad, Dams, Assume, Sum, Mess, Mud, Use, Used, Sue, Sad, Made, Mass, Sea

Levels 51-60

Level 51
Dim, Mid, Side, Desk, Dice, Disk, Disc, Dime, Deck, Ski, Die, Sic, Ice, Kid, Mice, Sick
Level 52
Cure, Cue, Curve, Rue
Level 53
Oven, Norm, Men, Nerve, One, More, Nor, Never, Move, Remove, Ever, Even, Eve, Over, Ore, Mere
Level 54
Boo, Boom, Bosom, Sob, Mob, Moo
Level 55
Sic, Icon, Son, Sin, Nor, Ironic, Con, Corn, Coin, Sir
Level 56
Ham, Has, Sat, Ash, Sofa, Atom, Mat, Shaft, Most, Math, Soft, Oath, Hot, Host, Shot, Foam, Hat, Fast, Fat
Level 57
Bend, Send, Den, End, Bed
Level 58
Babies, Base, Babe, Bias, Baby, Bye, Sea, Bay, Easy, Yes, Say, Aye
Level 59
Light, Filth, Til, Lit, Flight, Fit, Gift, Fig, Hit, Gilt, Fight, Lift, Hilt, Git
Level 60
Romans, Ran, Son, Salon, Loan, Oral, Normal, Solar, Moral, Slam, Arm, Ram, Also, Salmon, Man, Nor, Norm

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