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Word Swipe Pic Answers Levels 1-50

Word Swipe Pic Answers Levels 1-50 are Solved on this one page, Just scroll below to find the answers for this game in this single page. New hidden words will be formed after letters’ collapse. It starts easy and becomes challenging fast.
Word Swipe Pic Answers Levels 1-50
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App store link is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordgame.puzzle.block.crush.pic.en

What the developer Neha Tripathi say about the app:

Word Swipe Pic is a PERFECT word finder game for you to search words with hidden clues in pictures. Combined with the classic “4 pics 1 word” and the creative “word swipe” gameplays, it will allow you to enjoy a great journey of word search puzzles. While you are playing the game, all you need to do is to find words based on the clues in a picture. Answers for each puzzle may be the objects in the picture or any concepts or emotions related to the picture.

Word Swipe Pic Answers Levels 1-50

Try to guess the correct words as many as possible

Levels 1-10

#1: Cute, Cat, Box
#2: Cozy, Stretch, Bright, Morning
#3: Frisbee, Turtle, Shell, Jump, Catch
#4: Ribbon, Candle, Celebrate, Cake, Birthday, Party
#5: Blanket, Fever, Weak, Reading, Ice, Bag, Rest
#6: Globe, Homework, Apple, Plant, Daughter, Mother
#7: Glair, Yolk, Mourn, Protein, Fried, Egg
#8: Diffuser, Pot, Aloe, Aroma, Cushion, Mist, Relaxing
#9: Jeans, Carpet, Couch, Belt, Shoes, Drunk, Floor
#10: Scenery, Bicycle, Sunset, Suitcase, Highway, Ship, Car

Levels 11-20

#11: Arid, Raft, Soil, Row, Crack, Paddle
#12: Semester, Backpack, Pencil, Cap, Book, School
#13: Bandage, Hammer, Equal, Nail, Wound, Finger, Plus
#14: Fairytale, Lamp, Fence, Jungle, Steps, Tree, House
#15: Banknotes, Folder, Calculate, Finance, Chart, Number
#16: Gauzy, Tutu, Radiator- Pose, Ballet, Skirt, Dance
#17: Tile, Plumber, Lid, Flush, Repair, Toilet, Seat
#18: Meadow, Kite, Cheerful, Sunrise, Wind, Running, Child
#19: Wrinkly, Ukulele, Pug, Musician, Strings, Play
#20: Stump, Miniature, Sunlight, Cottage, Forest, Open

Levels 21-30

#21: Artwork, Exhibit, Gallery, Stare, Spiritual, Painting, Woman
#22: Cupcake, Homemade, Daisy, Sheep, Grass, Funny
#23: Propeller, Scar, Airplane, Wing, Pilot, Airport
#24: Selfie, Tourist, Gray, Tail, Monkey, Social, Food, Young
#25: Ripple, Puddle, Splash, Umbrella, Wet, Shower, Boots
#26: Walnut, Cartoon, Shell, Fairy, Tiny, Sleep, Girl
#27: Builder, Clumsy, Ladder, Helmet, Measure, Tape
#28: Feeder, Puzzled, Cot, Babysit, Tablet, Diaper, Learn
#29: Jug, Linen, Pitcher, Rag, Wooden, Milk, Cup, Glass
#30: Docile, Buffalo, Loving, Horn, River, Boy, Tanned

Levels 31-40

#31: Fluffy, Muddy, Hose, Bucket, Soap, Yard, Shower, Wash
#32: Tricorn, Eyepatch, Headband, Pirate, Skull, Captain
#33: Adrift, Giraffe, Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Ocean, Boat
#34: Snorkel, Diver, Fin, Shark, Spit, Chase, Danger, Escape
#35: Humid, Mold, Stain, Glove, Rubber, Cleaning, Remove
#36: Firewood, Bulb, Lantern, Candle, Improve, Lamp, Progress, Light
#37: Graze, Pasture, Livestock, Herd, Sunny, Cattle, Natural
#38: Distrust, Pajamas, Skeleton, Quarrel, Closet, Hidden, Blame, Secret
#39: Housework, Mop, Cleaner, Sweep, Bucket, Washing, Robot, Holding
#40: Whisk, Ponytail, Tattoo, Beard, Bowl, Pot, Plate, Kitchen, Fight

Levels 41-50

#41: Brine, Aquarium, Turtle, Marine, Fish, Clear, Children, School
#42: Headset, Navigate, Cockpit, Controls, Operate, Blade
#43: Postcard, Lens, Stamp, Envelope, Coin, Seal, Pen, Camera, Watch
#44: Surreal, Handbag, Spaceship, Astronaut, Passenger, Alien, Monster, Moon
#45: Totem, Carving, Artifact, Ritual, African, Tribe, Mask, Culture, Wood
#46: Hearth, Fireplace, Glowing, Flame, Iron, Stone, Warm, Stand
#47: Checkmate, Pawn, Chess, Strategy, Knight, Board, Queen, King
#48: Curl, Barefoot, Traveler, Blouse, Suitcase, Vacation, Shoes
#49: Fern, Colorful, Flowing, Fountain, Leaf, Various, Flower, Garden
#50: Checkers, Horseback, Saddle, Versus, Cowboy, Western, Desert

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