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The Mosaic Game Walkthrough Guide + Achievements

The Mosaic Game Walkthrough Guide + Achievements. Help on how to complete the game. A narrative exploration game app by Raw Fury and Krillbite studios.

The Mosaic Game Walkthrough Guide
Hints, tips and walkthrough guide is available on this one page.

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What the developer Raw Fury say about the word game app:

You live a monotonous and repetitive lonely life in a cold overpopulated ever-expanding city. The phone is distracting you with meaningless notifications as you move through anonymous crowds on your way to work at a megacorporation where yet another long day with overtime awaits. You have no real sense of meaning – until one crucial day, when strange things start to happen on your commute to work and everything changes. Mosaic is a dark surrealistic and atmospheric adventure game about urban isolation and the dread of being a piece in a giant machinery you can’t understand. From the creators of Among the Sleep, Krillbite Studio is going from horrors of childhood to the dreadful lonely adult life.

The Mosaic Game Walkthrough Guide

Support the creator of the game. 11 achievements with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore (no secrets).

Part 1

Part 2

24 Mosaic Achievements

Silver Horseshoe

Complete 40 levels with 3 stars

Royal Medal

Place 15 consecutive fragments on the game board without making a mistake

Gold Compass

Complete 5 levels in a row without making a mistake

Silver Cup

Place 500 fragments on the game board

Bronze Cup

Place 100 fragments on the game board

Tree of Life

Complete pack 1

Bronze Horseshoe

Complete 20 levels with 3 stars

Crystal Crane

Complete pack 2

Silver Lily

Complete pack 3

Gold Cup

Place 1000 fragments on the game board

Chest with Copper Coins

Earn 1000 points in Fever Mode

Platinum Cup

Place 2500 fragments on the game board

Crown of Creation

Complete pack 4

Gold Horseshoe

Complete 80 levels with 3 stars

Magic Lute

Complete pack 5

Pure Heart

Complete pack 6

Malachite Cheetah

Complete 5 levels in Fever Mode

Chest with Silver Coins

Earn 8000 points in Fever Mode

Enchanted Lantern

Play left-handed mode

Goddess Tiara

Complete every level with 3 stars

Chest with Gold Coins

Earn 15000 points in Fever Mode

Book of Wisdom

Use 100 hints

Chaos Crown

Collect every trophy

Sapphire Cheetah

Complete 10 levels in Fever Mode


English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

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Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.