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Stump Me! – Can you pass it? Level 1-140 Answers

Stump Me! – Can you pass it? Level 1-140 answers and solutions All Levels. Complete walkthrough game guide to all puzzles and riddles. We help you solve levels. Tips, hints and cheats to all levels.

Stump Me! – Can you pass it? Game app download link: Google Play. We love this game.
Stump Me! - Can you pass it? Answers All Levels

What the developer Super Masters Games / Koolben say about the puzzle game app:

Take this test to find out if you’re a real genius or not. A new addictive free IQ game full of tricky brain teasers and riddles which you can enjoy with your friends. Each of the brain teasers in this game are unique, original and creative designed to push your thinking limit. Are you smart enough to beat your friends?

Stump Me! – Can you pass it? Level 1-140 answers All Levels

Tips: The most obvious answer is usually wrong.

Level 1


Level 2

Q: Could you turn on the air conditioner.
A: Fnde remote under the table.

Level 3

Q: Find the largest color area!
A: White

Level 4

Q: Make all the water bottles the same!
A: Tap both wire ends at same time

Level 5

Q: Make the black hole devour everything!
A: Drag sun out of screen.

Level 6

Q: Find the biggest fish!
A: Larger fish eat smaller ones. Strong will eat the weak.

Level 7

Q: Which champagne is different?
A: Shake your device to find the answer.

Level 8

Q: Feedback
A: Give feedback.

Level 9

Q: Counting her hair
A: First, remove microwave > remove table and find the ac remote > turn on the ac.

Level 10

Q: Help with ticket checking of the concert.
A: Break the ticket

Level 11

Q: How many candies on the table?
A: No candy on the table

Level 12

Q: 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40…, 10=?
A: Answer is 10=1

Level 13

Q: Find the smallest fruit.
A: Tap word ‘fruit’.

Level 14

Q: This car is dirty. Clean it.
A: Remove dust by tapping left to right on the car.

Level 15

Remove water from bottles.

Level 16

Move things into black hole > don’t miss question line.

Level 17

Answer is 8.

Level 18

first, make elephant small in size then move him into fridge

Level 19

Rotate device upside down > equation becomes 11=5+6.

Level 20

Tap hint button to turn on light.

Level 21

Answer is 0.

Level 22

Tap door lock two times to open the door.

Level 23

Mix yellow and red color.

Level 24

Make ant big in size to beat elephant.

Level 25

Turn your device upside down

Level 26

Remove her hair. It’s a hair wig not real hair

Level 27

Answer is 1.

Level 28

Move next word to the green block.

Level 29

Tap her eyes to wake her up.

Level 30

Slide screen to left bottom. Find big yellow duck.

Level 31

Tap thump 9 times.

Level 32

Answer is 38 degrees

Level 33

Answer is 32.

Level 34

Shake dress fast to dry quickly.

Level 35

Tap box upward direction to open it.

Level 36

Move yellow left side of screen to make it a rectangle.

Level 37

Answer is plate.

Level 38

Make friction. Tap wood left to right fast to make a fire.

Level 39

Shake your device.

Level 40

Tap word ‘circle’.

Level 41

Tap play button

Level 42

Tap writing board lock.

Level 43

Answer is 87.

Level 44

Left direction.

Level 45

Just tap his glasses.

Level 46

Mix fire and tap it to defeat the boss.

Level 47

Slide left to unlock.

Level 48

Move word ‘apple’ to plate.

Level 49

Answer is 7.

Level 50

Answer is 80021.

Level 51

Place one finger to attract mosquito > Tap and kill it.

Level 52

Answer is 1225.

Level 53


Level 54

Make 0 + 0 = 0

Level 55

Line the road

Level 56

Switch number 6 and 5.

Level 57

Answer is 0.

Level 58


Level 59

Tap word ‘volcano’.

Level 60

Shake phone

Level 61

Answer is 0.

Level 62

Remove animals to balance.

Level 63

Move question mark (?) to his hand.

Level 64

When apple appears tap it.

Level 65

Tap latter and hold it for few seconds.

Level 66

Move elevator down.

Level 67

Tap sheet quickly to break it.

Level 68

Answer is 2019

Level 69

Move every balloon.

Level 70

Move moon to dog.

Level 71

Tap and hold camera.

Level 72

Move word ‘elevator’ down.

Level 73

Tap X.

Level 74

Remove animal outside > move hammer over him.

Level 75

Tap device and hold to unlock.

Level 76

Move small stone from left bottom corner between the two men and make stone bigger.

Level 77

Tap her right hand.

Level 78

Tap and hold > shake phone.

Level 79

Tap her eyes down.

Level 80

Close his mouth > move hand to his nose.

Level 81

Drag bird down to keep them in balance.

Level 82

Tap lamp button to find the heart.

Level 83

Scratch word ‘no’ to remove it.

Level 84

Turn your phone quickly.

Level 85

Score is 90:81. Rotate device upside down to make 18:06.

Level 86

Remove box > move him to the end.

Level 87

Break apple with two fingers.

Level 88

Tap 3 and 4 at the same time.

Level 89

Scratch her face quickly.

Level 90

Remove cloud from sun.

Level 91

Swipe right to left and you will see the queen card.

Level 92

Remove stone from road to help the car.

Level 93

Shake your device to see the stars.

Level 94

Combine both clouds to make it rain > move cloud over the fire.

Level 95

Rub upper part of equation > to make “I love you” > propose her.

Level 96

Drag sun and place it inside volcano so it erupts.

Level 97

Break glass on fire alarm with 5-6 taps > this will make the level pass.

Level 98

Stop hand at pocket to make it go inside. Be precise to complete this level.

Level 99

Tap animal to use spikes on balloons.

Level 100

Tap the tree six times to find the lemon.

Level 101

Tap the fat ‘cat’ top left. It’s the bear.

Level 102

Find the power switch with the torch > tap it to turn on the light.

Level 103

Remove leaves to see the bird > tap it to pass the level.

Level 104

Feed the dinosaur everything except the bomb.

Level 105

Use stone to break piggy bank > find the ring > tap it to pass the level.

Level 106

Extend the girl’s legs with two fingers to make her look higher.

Level 107

Rotate the spinning wheel > don’t click the start button (the needle will then point on the money).

Level 108

Drag poop and place it on the umbrella to make an icecream.

Level 109

The plant near left mushroom is different. Drag the yellow color at the lower butterfly > this makes a difference.

Level 110

Tap guy 20 times rapidly to make him slim.

Level 111

Top of the umbrella is same as the lock > drag the umbrella close to the lock to pass the level.

Level 112

Answer is “0.3589”.

Level 113

Tap frog to make it jump > do it 3 times to pass the level.

Level 114

Drag two zeros to crate infinity.

Level 115

Go to homepage for a second > return back to game to complete this level.

Level 116

Biggest 3 digits will be “999”.

Level 117

Rotate device vertically upside down > position of the blue will change to right.

Stump Me Level 118

First, move box to left side > tap it to solve the level.

Stump Me Level 119

The duck don’t fit in his place > place it inside the apple > put the apple on it to solve the level.

Stump Me Level 120

Use two fingers to remove clouds from his head to make it sunny.

Stump Me Level 121

Q: Try to clear this level
A: Tap a few times on the level title.

Stump Me Level 122

Q: Stunned hamster.
A: Tap two holes with your fingers to catch the hamster.

Stump Me Level 123

Q: Defeat the rival in Rock Paper Scissors
A: Switch the places between the boy and girl.

Stump Me Level 124

Q: Help him have a rest.
A: Place finger in the middle wheel to make it stop.

Stump Me Level 125

Q:Dispel the ghosts.
A: Move clouds to make the sun shine.

Stump Me Level 126

Q: Make the equation works.
A: Hide 20 from your screen.

Stump Me Level 127

Q: Hide the cat.
A: Hide the cat from your screen.

Stump Me Level 128

Q: Turn on all lights.
A: Remove the none lighted bulb out of the screen.

Stump Me Level 129

Q: What’s behind the paper.
A: Turn your device down and shake. The paper will then turn – ‘nothing’.

Stump Me Level 130

Q: You have exceeded the third place in the match
A: Move the man to the third place.

Stump Me Level 131

Q: Tap the following numbers from small to big.
A: Remember all the numbers > tap when they are hidden.

Stump Me Level 132

Q: Where will the hour hand go after 3 hours
A: The answer is 3.

Stump Me Level 133

Q: Open the safe
A: Find the key. The key is the button in top right corner.

Stump Me Level 134

Q: How many fingers do they have.
A: The answer is 20.

Stump Me Level 135

Q: ap the 3 numbers and make the sum of them to be 10.
A: Tap 4 one time. Tap 3 two times.

Stump Me Level 136

Q: Enter the sum of the biggest numbers.
A: The answer is 7+8+9=24.

Stump Me Level 137

Q: It takes 5 minutes to boil an egg, how many minutes needed for 3 boiled eggs.
A: The answer is 5.

Stump Me Level 138

Q: You’re going to be late. What should you do.
A: Place the red flower on roof of car to make a sirene. The car is then a police car.

Stump Me Level 139

Q: Find the real werewolf.
A: Tap and hold the clock until full moon. He will then become a werewolf.

Stump Me Level 140

Q: Hit the bull’s eye.
A: Move target and tap the soldier. You will then hit the target / bullseye.

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