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Save The Girl Level 1-50 Game Answers

Save The Girl Level 1-50 Game Answers. We have solved all levels to help you escape and complete the game. Choose the right option to solve it and save her.

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Save The Girl Level 1-50 Game Answers

What the developer Lion Studios say about this puzzle game app:

A bad guy was following a girl, then she ran into a house with no choice to get rid of him. Now you have to make choices, the girl will meet new problem in each room.

Save The Girl Level 1-50 Game Answers

Will the girl be saved? It’s up to you now.

Level 1

Use The Scissors To Cut The Rope.

Level 2

Break The Door By Using The Axe.

Level 3

Use The Bucket Of Cement To Fill The Hole So The Girl Can Pass Through It.

Level 4

Use The Cardboard Box To Hide And Get Past The Kidnapper Without Him Spotting You. Choose A Raincoat, As It Is Safe Because The Lightning Will Strike The Umbrella.

Level 5

Place The Chair Under The Door To Keep It Locked, Use The Flashlight And Give The Dog A Ham So He Won’T Bite You.

Level 6

Cover Your Mouth With A Towel, Use The Flashlight And Use The Stairs.

Level 7

Set Up The Tent On The Raft, Use The Trident To Catch The Fish, And Then Throw The Ham To The Shark.

Level 8

Use A Club To Knock The Coconut Tree Down. Give The Native A Lollipop And Light A Fire So The Helicopter Can See You.

Level 9

Use The Tape Recorder To Scare Off The Bats. Choose The Full Moon To Deal With Zombies. Pretend To Be A Zombie.

Level 10

Choose Vegetable Water Gun Can Of Oil

Level 11

Choose Captain America’S Shield Sun Vacuum Cleaner.

Level 12

Choose Lift Levers Pedal Red Button.

Level 13

Choose Handbag To The Robber Peel Of Banana Stopcock.

Level 14

Choose Install The Pole Curtain Hammer.

Level 15

Choose Loudspeaker Clock Metal Detector.

Level 16

Choose Throw Bra Colored Hat Eraser.

Level 17

Choose Helmet Bomb.

Level 18

Choose Boots Watches Cork.

Level 19

Choose Tiger Mask Dart Rod.

Level 20

Choose Trash Can Core Mouse.

Level 21

Choose Hot Peppers Hammer Bucket Of Water.

Level 22

Choose Sun Rose Telephone.

Level 23

Choose Shovel Kettle Fishing Rod.

Level 24

Choose Mouse Rain Bonfire

Level 25

Choose Hoe Muzzle Spade.

Level 26

Choose Torch White Object Black Cat Mushroom.

Level 27

Choose Chewing Gum Bat Ice Bucket.

Level 28

Choose Gin Lamp Rain Cloud Chest.

Level 29

Choose Closed Chest Vegetables Hammock.

Level 30

Choose Stones Camera Grass.

Level 31

Choose Jar Of Potion Leaf Skirt 3D Glasses.

Level 32

Choose Legs With Heels Ham Boots.

Level 33

Choose Headphones Stone Rhombus Pikachu.

Level 34

Choose Door Torch Wardrobe.

Level 35

Choose Magic Wand With Star Spray Purple Inscription.

Level 36

Choose Garlic Newspaper Sunglasses.

Level 37

Choose Capitan America’S Shield Battery Explosives.

Level 38

Choose Fire Extinguisher Skateboard Night Vision Googles.

Level 39

Choose Gloves Bedspread Magnet.

Level 40

Choose Bucket With Cement Red Spider Treadmill.

Level 41

Choose Shoes Mirror Capitan America’S Shield.

Level 42

Choose Hairy Leg Gun Hole.

Level 43

Choose Red Rag Shake Tree Grasshopper.

Level 44

Choose Scissors Bread Dump Bags.

Level 45

Choose Carrots Cotton Candy Muzzle.

Level 46

Choose Sponge And Soap Whale Mouse.

Level 47

Choose Baggage Balloon Plants.

Level 48

Choose Broom Rocket Magic Wand.

Level 49

Choose Fan Ice Cubes Medical Mask.

Level 50

Choose Boxing Glove Mouse Torch.

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