Riddle Master Level 2 Game Answers

Riddle Master Level 2 Game Answers and walkthrough. The app is the #1 IQ Puzzle Game. Solve the difficult questions and test your IQ skills. We are here to help you find and tap the correct clue.

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Riddle Master Level 2 Game Answers and Game Solutions

Can you find all clues.

Level 2

Q: Find hidden objects.
Answer: See image:

Q: Who is trying to escape?
A: Hole on the left side of the WC.

Q: Who has been in prison longer?
A: Scribblings above the bed.

Q: Who smuggles stuff into the prison?
A: Brown bottles under the bed.

Q: Find hidden words.
A: See image:

Q: Who loves cleaning?
A: Clue is the soap on the sink.

Q: Who is stronger?
A: Weights next to the right guys leg.

Q: What is strange here?
A: Dandruff Shampoo next to the toilet paper (the guy is bold).

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