Puzzlescapes Level 1-20 Game Answers Solutions

Puzzlescapes Level 1-20 Game Answers Solutions on one page. Find word game help below. We have solved all word puzzles for you to complete. Think outside the box to solve the word puzzle. The game features daily rewards where you collect power-ups and coins.

Puzzlescapes – Best of Animal Word Puzzle Games app download link: App Store and Google Play.

What the developer Town’s End Studios say about the word game app:

Puzzlescapes is the latest in ultra-relaxing free word games, perfect for people who love crosswords, anagrams and word search games. Whether you have a few minutes on the train, or a few hours to unwind, Puzzlescapes is always the right choice. Build as many words out of your letters as you can, with no time limit or moves counter watching over you; Puzzlescapes is fun on your schedule.

Puzzlescapes Level 1-20 Game Answers Solutions

Make words and collect jigsaw puzzle pieces. Complete the puzzles to find adorable animals waiting for you.

Level 1

won now

Level 2

are era

Level 3


Level 4


Level 5

Lap Play

Level 6

Hit Thin

Level 7

Bar ark

Level 8

net end dent

Level 9

pad paid

Level 10

war raw ran

Level 11

top spot post pots

Level 12

rap ramp map

Level 13

see west wet

Level 14

hit sit sight

Level 15

bun blunt

Level 16

cloud duo loud old

Level 17

band nab land and

Level 18

den dean cane acne

Level 19

pain pan nip

Level 20

wine win ice

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