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Pirate’s Treasure Chapter 8 – Adventure Escape Mysteries

Pirate’s Treasure Chapter 8 – Adventure Escape Mysteries walkthrough guide. Blood Ruby and land of the dead – Stuck? We have solved all puzzles to help you in the adventure. We help you collect treasures and tools in your inventory. Find clues, and have fun with this great escape room experience.

Pirate's Treasure Chapter 8 - Adventure Escape Mysteries
Pirate’s Treasure tips, hints and walkthrough guide.

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Pirate’s Treasure Chapter 8 – Adventure Escape Mysteries

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Chapter 8 – Bring Conroy back

Kathy used the Blood Ruby to travel to the land of the dead. Can she bring Conroy back before time runs out?

Step 1

You play as Kathy. The Bloody Ruby takes you to the Land of the Dead. You have to save Conroy. Speak to the two ghosts. Eleanor wants paper and something to draw with. James don’t want to be dead. Pick up the net and the sail. Use crank to lower the lantern and take it.

Step 2

Use net to get the hammer. It will break, but you will have a stick. Go down below deck.

Step 3

Open cabinet and get key. Use key to unlock the closet. Use lantern to light a fire. Next turn the stick to get charcoal. Notice the three chests with glass window over each. First is for Eleanor “An artist knows what’s missing.” Next is James. Third is Kathy, showing Blood Ruby. Figure out how to open each chest.

Step 4

Place sail on floor. Notice reflection of Eleanor’s stained glass. Differences between the two: 3 eyelashes. 2 earrings. 9 diamonds on necklace, 6 green dots on collar. 3 buttons on shirt. Code for Eleanor’s chest is 32963. Take paper inside.

Step 5

James’ chest. Clue is ‘outside to inside’. Count number of black spots from outer to middle ring. Code for James chest is 598633. Grab newspaper pieces. It’s a puzzle.

Step 6

Solve newspaper puzzle. Put frames in order. Take completed newspaper from chest.

Step 7

Kathy’s chest. Count shapes you see in her window. 1 teardrop. 8 circles. 7 pentagons. 4 diamonds.

Step 8

Give newspaper to James. Give Eleanor charcoal and paper. Take coins from each of them.

Step 9

Tap on Eleanor again and she’ll draw a portrait for you. It’s the clue we needed for Kathy’s window.

Step 10

Go back. Order of shapes is: Teardrop, Diamond, Circle, Pentagon. Code for Kathy’s chest is 1487. Take coin inside of chest.

Step 11

We have all three coins. Use coins to open door for ferryman. He, Alistair, is your father?

Step 12

You are taken the Port of the Dead to find Conroy. He gives you a looking spyglass. Use it to find Kathy’s ship left and to find Conroy.

Step 13

Another puzzle. Sail over the magic river. When a ship lands on a whirlpool, the whirlpool turns. If a ship lands on a whirlpool with another ship, it doesn’t turn. Solve the puzzle.

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