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People Say Answers and Solutions All Levels [250+ Levels]

People Say Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels [250+ one page]. We are here to help you solve the puzzle level you are stuck on. Find the 5 answers that were most given to fill in the blanks. We help you complete the game app.

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People Say Answers and Solutions All Levels

A sentence with blanks and you have to find the 5 most given answers by other players to fill those blanks.

People Say Answers Levels 1-250

# Sentence Answers
1 I always put ___ on top of my ice cream CHOCOLATE, SPRINKLES, CHERRY, CARAMEL, NUTS, POO
2 I would scream if I saw a ___ SPIDER, SNAKE, GHOST, RAT, SHARK
3 The best part of being a celebrity would be the ___ MONEY, FAME, FANS, TRAVEL, CARS
4 I hated ___ class when I was in school MATH, SCIENCE, ENGLISH, HISTORY, GYM
5 I always have ___ in my purse MONEY, KEYS, PHONE, LIPSTICK, PEN
6 A salad tastes better with ___ DRESSING, CHEESE, TOMATOES, CROUTONS, CHICKEN
7 The best game in a casino is ___ POKER, BLACKJACK, SLOTS, ROULETTE, CRAPS
8 I bought a new suit for ___ WEDDING, PARTY, FUNERAL, JOB, DATE
9 I love to ___ on a rainy day SLEEP, EAT, READ, WATCH TV, PLAY
10 I always pack ___ when I go to the beach TOWEL, SUNSCREEN, FOOD, WATER, UMBRELLA
11 Women like to get ___ for Valentine’s Day FLOWERS, CHOCOLATE, CARDS, JEWELRY, DINNER
12 I open and close my ___ multiple times a day DOOR, EYES, MOUTH, FRIDGE, WINDOW
13 I am always running out of ___ TIME, MONEY, GAS, ENERGY, PATIENCE
14 I can’t have ___ without milk COFFEE, CEREAL, COOKIE, CAKE, TEA
16 My Instagram feed is full of pictures of ___ FOOD, FRIENDS, FAMILY, PLACES, ME, ASS
17 Teenagers worry too much about ___ SCHOOL, FRIENDS, LOOKS, CLOTHES, MONEY
18 The best thing about summer is ___ BEACH, SUN, VACATION, ICE CREAM, SWIMMING
19 I usually eat ___ in one bite CANDY, CHIPS, GRAPES, FRIES, COOKIES
20 I always loved buying (a) new ___ for school SHOES, CLOTHES, PENCILS, BOOKS, BACKPACK
22 No pirate costume is complete without a ___ HAT, EYE PATCH, HOOK, SWORD, PARROT
23 I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant TACOS, BURRITO, NACHOS, QUESADILLA, ENCHILADAS
24 Kids are always asking for ___ TOYS, FOOD, MONEY, WATER, CANDY
25 If I want to treat myself, I ___ EAT, SLEEP, SHOP, DRINK, TRAVEL
26 When I think of a witch, I think of ___ BROOM, HAT, SPELLS, HALLOWEEN, WART
27 My favorite part of a wedding is the ___ FOOD, CAKE, DANCING, DRINKS, KISS
28 I love to get ___ at the movie theater POPCORN, DRINKS, CANDY, CHIPS, KISSED
29 I’ll never forget my first ___ KISS, LOVE, DATE, CAR, JOB
30 You need dice to play ___ MONOPOLY, YAHTZEE, CRAPS, TROUBLE, BUNCO
31 When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ___ DOCTOR, TEACHER, FIREMAN, NURSE, POLICEMAN
32 I can’t believe my teenager wanted to bring her ___ on a camping trip PHONE, FRIEND, BOYFRIEND, COMPUTER, PET
33 ___ are my favorite flowers ROSES, TULIPS, SUNFLOWERS, DAISIES, LILIES
34 Seeing ___ is at the top of my New York City sightseeing list STATUE OF LIBERTY, TIMES SQUARE, CENTRAL PARK, EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, BROADWAY SHOW
35 The kids drew all over ___ instead of the paper WALL, FLOOR, TABLE, CHAIR, THEMSELVES
36 When at a hotel, I always ask housekeeping for more ___ TOWELS, SOAP, PILLOWS, BLANKETS, TOILET PAPER
37 My siblings and I always fight about ___ FOOD, CLOTHES, TV, TOYS, CHORES
38 It’s hard to dance to ___ music ROCK, SLOW, RAP, COUNTRY, JAZZ
39 As a kid, I loved to play ___ at recess TAG, BASKETBALL, HIDE AND SEEK, HOPSCOTCH, SOCCER
40 You can’t have ___ without cheese PIZZA, BREAD, CRACKERS, SANDWICH, BURGER
41 Knowing there are ___ in the water scares me SHARKS, WHALES, JELLYFISH, OCTOPUSES, SNAKES
42 I love seeing ___ at Christmas FAMILY, SANTA, SNOW, LIGHTS, GIFTS
43 My mom kept the ___ from the day I was born BLANKET, CLOTHES, BRACELET, PICTURE, CORD
44 My favorite ice cream flavor is ___ CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, STRAWBERRY, MINT, COOKIES AND CREAM
45 I’ve always wanted to go to ___ to try the food ITALY, MEXICO, FRANCE, CHINA, JAPAN
46 You can’t have a birthday party without ___ CAKE, BALLOONS, FOOD, GIFTS, FRIENDS
47 When I’m 80, I’ll ___ in my free time SLEEP, READ, TRAVEL, EAT, EXERCISE
48 I always forget my ___ when I travel WALLET, BAG, PHONE, KEYS, TOOTHBRUSH
49 I wish I had Barbie’s ___ HAIR, BODY, HOUSE, CLOTHES, CAR
50 Every time I go to the grocery store I buy ___ MILK, BREAD, MEAT, FRUIT, SOAP
51 Besides meat, I put ___ on a sandwich CHEESE, LETTUCE, EGG, TOMATO, MAYONNAISE
52 My favorite summer Olympics sport to watch is ___ SWIMMING, BASKETBALL, SOCCER, VOLLEYBALL, TENNIS
53 I always ___ before going to bed PRAY, EAT, SHOWER, BRUSH MY TEETH, PEE
54 My favorite thing about my partner is his/her ___ SMILE, EYES, PERSONALITY, BODY, LOVE
55 I’d love to take my honeymoon in ___ HAWAII, PARIS, MEXICO, ITALY, BAHAMAS
56 I’d hire a ___ if I won the lottery MAID, CHEF, DRIVER, BUTLER, NANNY
57 The ___ is/are my favorite part of a circus CLOWNS, ELEPHANTS, LIONS, ACROBATS, FOOD
58 old daughter wants to be a ___ for Halloween PRINCESS, WITCH, CAT, GHOST, FAIRY
59 Before seeing his girlfriend a man should ___ SHOWER, SHAVE, BRUSH TEETH, BUY FLOWERS, SMELL GOOD
60 My perfect date would take place at ___ BEACH, RESTAURANT, MOVIES, PARK, HOME
61 I want to join a ___ club MATH, DANCE, SCIENCE, SPORTS, BOOK
62 I think the ___ accent is the sexiest FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, BRITISH, AUSTRALIAN
63 I can’t eat ___ without ketchup HOTDOG, FRY, EGG, BURGER, FRIED CHICKEN
64 The most expensive thing in my house is the ___ TV, REFRIGERATOR, BED, SOFA, STOVE
65 I couldn’t live without ___ in my kitchen KNIFE, FOOD, STOVE, SPOON, WATER
66 I get ___ for Father’s Day every year MONEY, FLOWERS, CARD, FOOD, HUG
67 I would never put ___ on a pizza PINEAPPLE, KETCHUP, HOT SAUCE, OLIVES, ANCHOVIES
68 My son always wants ___ before going to sleep PLAY, MILK, EAT, KISS, READ
69 I always get ___ in a Mexican restaurant TACOS, BURRITO, MARGARITA, QUESADILLA, GUACAMOLE
70 My elementary school playground had ___ SWING, SLIDE, MONKEY BARS, SEESAW, SANDBOX
71 ___ always make me cry ONIONS, MOVIES, WEDDINGS, DEATH, PAIN
72 I can’t believe my parents grew up without ___ INTERNET, CELL PHONES, COMPUTER, SOCIAL MEDIA, GPS
73 My dad taught me how to ___ DRIVE, RIDE A BIKE, FISH, COOK, SWIM
74 I get road rage when people ___ DRIVE SLOW, SPEED, CUT ME OFF, HONK, TAILGATE
75 I like to drink ___ with my breakfast COFFEE, MILK, JUICE, WATER, TEA
76 Kids can play ___ for hours VIDEO GAMES, CARS, TAG, BALL, HIDE AND SEEK
77 I can’t start my day without ___ COFFEE, BREAKFAST, SHOWER, WATER, PHONE
78 My kids want a pet ___ DOG, CAT, FISH, BIRD, HAMSTER
79 My favorite type of cake is ___ CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, CHEESE, STRAWBERRY, RED VELVET
80 I can’t stand the smell of ___ POOP, FISH, ONIONS, GAS, TRASH
81 I always put off cleaning the ___ KITCHEN, CAR, BATHROOM, BEDROOM, DISHES
82 My mom always gave me ___ when I was sick MEDICINE, SOUP, WATER, LOVE, TEA
83 My favorite winter Olympics sport to watch is ___ HOCKEY, SKATING, SKIING, CURLING, SNOWBOARDING
84 I use my phone most for ___ TEXTING, CALLING, GAMES, SOCIAL MEDIA, PICTURES
85 I prefer to buy ___ in person rather than online CLOTHES, FOOD, SHOES, CAR, HOUSE
86 I keep ___ in my trunk just in case TIRE, BLANKET, JACK, WATER, FLASHLIGHT
87 I’m always picking up ___ off my kids’ bedroom floor TOYS, CLOTHES, FOOD, SHOES, TRASH
88 ___ help(s) me fall asleep MUSIC, TV, SHOWER, READING, TEA
89 My favorite cartoon cat is ___ TOM, GARFIELD, SYLVESTER, FELIX, HELLO KITTY
90 I can’t eat a burger without ___ CHEESE, KETCHUP, LETTUCE, BUN, TOMATO
91 I always squeeze ___ before buying it/them ORANGES, LEMONS, BREAD, AVOCADO, PILLOWS
92 ___ is my favorite Christmas movie HOME ALONE, ELF, GRINCH, SANTA CLAUSE, CHRISTMAS STORY
93 It’s worth it to pay a professional to fix your ___ CAR, TOILET, HOUSE, COMPUTER, ROOF
94 If I forget my ___ at home, I have to go back KEYS, WALLET, PHONE, BAG, FOOD
95 I love the smell of ___ cooking CHICKEN, CAKE, BREAD, BACON, GARLIC
96 I knew he was flirting with me because he ___ SMILED, WINKED, LAUGHED, TOUCHED, KISSED
98 A bath is nice and relaxing with ___ BUBBLES, WINE, CANDLE, MUSIC, BOOK
99 ___ is/are so much better with chocolate on top ICE CREAM, CAKE, STRAWBERRIES, COOKIES, BANANAS
100 I had a nightmare that i was being chased by a ___ DOG, GHOST, MONSTER, BEAR, LION
101 I brought back a ___ as a souvenir from my vacation SHIRT, KEYCHAIN, HAT, CUP, BAG
102 There’s always a long line at the ___ STORE, BANK, BATHROOM, DMV, AMUSEMENT PARK
103 I have been saving for months to buy a ___ CAR, HOUSE, PHONE, BOAT, VACATION
104 I was not happy when my son brought home a ___ DOG, GIRL, CAT, SNAKE, CAR
105 The chef used ___ to garnish the plate PARSLEY, SAUCE, LETTUCE, BASIL, FLOWER
106 I made a mistake and ate ___ on a first date GARLIC, ONION, PIZZA, FISH, SALAD
107 Every house has ___ in its game collection MONOPOLY, UNO, CHESS, THE GAME OF LIFE, SCRABBLE
108 France makes me think of ___ PARIS, LOVE, EIFFEL TOWER, FOOD, WINE
109 I’m not a good cook, so people ask me to bring ___ to potlucks DRINKS, PLATES, CHIPS, NAPKINS, DESSERT
110 I got my wisdom teeth out and could only eat ___ for days SOUP, ICE CREAM, RICE, BREAD, OATMEAL
111 My husband just bought a new ___ for his man cave TV, COUCH, FRIDGE, POOL TABLE, BAR
112 My friend is going through a midlife crisis and got (a) new ___ CAR, HOUSE, JOB, FRIEND, CLOTHES
113 ___ is my favorite George Clooney movie OCEANS ELEVEN, BATMAN, GRAVITY, TOMORROWLAND, UP IN THE AIR
114 If I saw a ___ in someone’s house, I’d think they’re rich POOL, SAFE, STATUE, MAID, GYM
115 My favorite Star Wars character is ___ YODA, DARTH VADER, LUKE SKYWALKER, CHEWBACCA, PRINCESS LEIA
116 I didn’t go to work today because I’m ___ SICK, TIRED, LAZY, BUSY, ON VACATION
117 I would walk out on a first date if he/she was ___ UGLY, RUDE, DIRTY, MEAN, LATE
118 My big splurge at a nice restaurant is ___ DESSERT, STEAK, WINE, LOBSTER, APPETIZER
119 I stay up late at night ___ when I should just go to sleep READING, WATCHING TV, EATING, DOING HOMEWORK, ON MY PHONE
120 My husband is a terrible cook, but he can make ___ EGGS, TOAST, SANDWICH, SOUP, PASTA
121 I keep having to replace the ___ on my car TIRES, OIL, BATTERY, LIGHTS, BRAKES
122 We use the same ___ every year for Christmas TREE, DECORATIONS, LIGHTS, STOCKINGS, RECIPES
123 I don’t have a car, so I get to work on ___ BIKE, BUS, TRAIN, SCOOTER, FOOT
124 I want to learn Spanish for my vacation to ___ MEXICO, SPAIN, CUBA, PUERTO RICO, PERU
125 Even though I’m as adult, I love kids’ ___ TOYS, FOOD, CLOTHES, GAMES, SHOWS
126 My grandmother is taking ___ classes at the senior center DANCE, COOKING, YOGA, ART, KNITTING
127 My family rented ___ on vacation and it was a blast! CAR, HOUSE, BOAT, JETSKI, RV
128 You need to be strong to have a job as a ___ DOCTOR, POLICEMAN, CONSTRUCTION WORKER, FIREFIGHTER, FARMER
129 Hot dogs are delicious with ___ KETCHUP, CHEESE, MUSTARD, MAYONNAISE, RICE
130 I’m jealous of dogs because they can/get to ___ BARK, EAT, PLAY, SLEEP, LOVE
131 It takes a lot of balance to go on a ___ BIKE, ROPE, BEAM, SKATEBOARD, SCOOTER
132 I keep the ___ app on my phone’s home screen FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PHONE, MESSAGE, CAMERA
133 The scariest Disney villain is ___ URSULA, SCAR, MALEFICENT, CRUELLA, JAFAR
134 I left my kid alone for a minute and found ___ everywhere TOYS, FOOD, POOP, WATER, CLOTHES
135 If I saw someone driving a ___, I’d assume they were rich PORSCHE, MERCEDES, BOAT, PLANE, BMW
136 I can’t wait to ___ when I turn 18 PARTY, WORK, MOVE OUT, TRAVEL, VOTE
137 The best part of school is ___ LUNCH, FRIENDS, RECESS, GYM, TEACHERS
138 The waitress gave me a weird look when I ordered my tacos with no ___ MEAT, CHEESE, LETTUCE, SAUCE, SHELL
139 Country music makes me think of ___ LOVE, TRUCKS, HORSES, COWBOYS, BEER
140 Elementary school teachers must be very ___ NICE, SMART, PATIENT, CARING, STRICT
141 I met my best friends at ___ SCHOOL, PARK, WORK, CHURCH, PARTY
142 I can’t believe people used to have cars without ___ WINDOWS, SEATBELTS, DOORS, RADIO, AIR CONDITIONING
143 I don’t like to say “butt,” I prefer the word ___ BUM, BEHIND, BOTTOM, BOOTY, TUSH
144 You should ask for ___ on a baby shower registry DIAPERS, CRIB, BOTTLES, STROLLER, CAR SEAT
145 I saved ___ to include in my scrapbook PICTURES, MONEY, STICKERS, LETTERS, FLOWERS
146 I think movie theaters could be better if they had ___ BLANKETS, PILLOWS, BEDS, RECLINERS, ALCOHOL
147 I expect to see ___ at a romantic dinner FLOWERS, FOOD, CANDLE, WINE, MUSIC
148 When I think of Australia, I think of ___ KANGAROOS, BEACH, SYDNEY, DESERT, KOALAS
149 My favorite chocolates are the ones with ___ in the middle CARAMEL, NUTS, CREAM, STRAWBERRY, CHERRY
150 The school’s lost and found box is full of ___ BOOKS, HATS, CLOTHES, SHOES, PENCILS
151 California has a lot of ___ PEOPLE, BEACHES, SUN, TREES, CARS
152 You always have to wait at the ___ STORE, DOCTOR, RESTAURANT, BUS STOP, AIRPORT
153 You should wear a helmet to (ride a/play) ___ BIKE, SKATEBOARD, MOTORCYCLE, HOCKEY, FOOTBALL
154 It’s so annoying when people ___ at the movies TALK, EAT, SLEEP, LAUGH, YELL
155 I’d like to ___ but I’m afraid of heights FLY, CLIMB, SKYDIVE, HIKE, BUNGEE JUMP
156 Donating ___ to charity makes me feel great MONEY, FOOD, CLOTHES, TIME, TOYS
157 I like to add ___ to my oatmeal MILK, SUGAR, FRUIT, HONEY, CINNAMON
158 It’s important to put your ___ on your Tinder profile NAME, AGE, PICTURE, GENDER, HOBBIES
159 I’m always finding ___ in my kid’s pockets TOYS, CANDY, MONEY, DIRT, PAPER
160 I always have ___ in my medicine cabinet MEDICINE, ALCOHOL, BAND AID, COTTON, VITAMINS
161 I borrowed ___ from my neighbor MONEY, CAR, BROOM, SUGAR, TOOLS
162 I like to put ___ on my party cheese board CHEESE, CRACKERS, FRUIT, MEAT, BREAD
163 ___ tastes better from the bakery than the supermarket BREAD, CAKE, COOKIES, PIE, DONUTS
164 My mom doesn’t know what the acronym ___ stands for LOL, LMAO, BRB, TTYL, WTF
165 When I’m trying not to curse, I say ___ SHOOT, DARN, FUDGE, DANG, CRAP
166 All we had was a deck of cards, so we played ___ for hours POKER, GO FISH, SPADES, SOLITARE, WAR
167 I had a cold, so I ate some ___ for the vitamin C ORANGE, APPLE, LEMON, GRAPEFRUIT, PINEAPPLE
168 My mom taught me how to ___ COOK, CLEAN, READ, WRITE, DANCE
169 I always have ___ in my spice cabinet PEPPER, SALT, GARLIC, CINNAMON, PAPRIKA
170 I screamed when I saw a ___ in my house MOUSE, SPIDER, SNAKE, GHOST, STRANGER
171 If I were a superhero, I’d want my super power to be ___ INVISIBILITY, FLYING, STRENGTH, SPEED, XRAY VISION
172 I served ___ at my Super Bowl party CHIPS, BEER, PIZZA, WINGS, POPCORN
173 You would probably find ___ in a hiker’s backpack WATER, FOOD, ROPE, KNIFE, MAP
174 I know I’m getting sick when I have a ___ COUGH, FEVER, HEADACHE, RUNNY NOSE, SORE THROAT
175 A cowboy costume isn’t complete without ___ HAT, BOOTS, GUN, BELT, ROPE
176 My favorite fast food chain is ___ MCDONALDS, BURGER KING, WENDYS, KFC, TACO BELL
177 ___ is my kid’s favorite activity at summer camp SWIMMING, CAMPING, HIKING, BONFIRE, PLAYING
178 I always have ___ in the freezer ICE, MEAT, ICE CREAM, FRUIT, VEGETABLES
179 The picture shows that I was ___ on the roller coaster SCREAMING, SCARED, CRYING, HAPPY, LAUGHING
180 I don’t need utensils to eat ___ PIZZA, FRIES, CHIPS, HOTDOG, BURGER
181 When I think of Hawaii, I think of ___ BEACH, SUN, PALM TREES, VOLCANO, COCONUT
182 I expect to see ___ on a breakfast buffet EGGS, BACON, SAUSAGE, PANCAKES, TOAST
183 People usually give ___ as a wedding present MONEY, GIFT CARDS, DISHES, TOWELS, TOASTER
184 I always loved buying (a) new ___ for school SHOES, BAG, BOOK, PEN, CLOTHES
185 There’s usually a jar of ___ in my house JELLY, PEANUT BUTTER, PICKLES, MAYONNAISE, HONEY
186 You would probably find ___ in a magician’s bag RABBIT, WAND, CARDS, HAT, BIRD
187 I put ___ in my tropical fruit smoothie BANANA, MANGO, PINEAPPLE, ICE, MILK
188 I’ve always wanted to take a ___ dance class HIP HOP, SALSA, BALLET, TAP, TANGO
189 I think of ___ when I think of aliens GREEN, SPACE, UFOS, PLANETS, BIG EYES
190 A bakery always has ___ in the kitchen OVEN, FLOUR, BAKER, SUGAR, MIXER
191 Egypt makes me think of ___ PYRAMID, SAND, DESERT, CAMEL, MUMMY
192 I’ve taught my dog how to ___ SIT, BARK, JUMP, ROLL OVER, FETCH
193 You’d need green clothes and paint to dress up as ___ TREE, GRINCH, SHREK, FROG, HULK
194 I close my eyes when I ___ SLEEP, SNEEZE, PRAY, CRY, YAWN
195 The DJ always plays the ___ at parties CHA CHA SLIDE, ELECTRIC SLIDE, MACARANA, YMCA, CHICKEN DANCE
196 I cleaned under my bed and found ___ SHOES, CLOTHES, DUST, MONEY, TRASH
197 Babies don’t do much all day except ___ SLEEP, EAT, CRY, POOP, PLAY
198 My favorite fast food chain is ___ MCDONALDS, BURGER KING, WENDYS, TACO BELL, KFC
199 If I won the lottery I would buy ___ HOUSE, CAR, BOAT, CLOTHES, VACATION
200 When I am under water I like watching ___ FISH, SHARKS, PEOPLE, DOLPHINS, WHALES
201 There’s always ___ in a horror movie KILLER, GHOST, MONSTER, KNIFE, BLOOD
202 I recorded my baby’s first ___ in the baby book WORD, STEPS, TOOTH, HAIRCUT, SMILE
203 It’s not good when you hear ___ outside of your tent BEAR, RAIN, SCREAMS, SNAKE, WOLF
204 I just finished booking my ___ for my vacation HOTEL, FLIGHT, CAR, CRUISE, HOUSE
205 I almost ran over a ___ while driving DOG, CAT, DEER, PERSON, SQUIRREL
206 When I drink too much alcohol I ___ SLEEP, PUKE, DANCE, FALL, CRY
208 I never make ___ at home, but I order it at a restaurant PIZZA, STEAK, PASTA, CHICKEN, FISH
209 I kept the ___ from my wedding DRESS, RING, FLOWERS, PICTURES, CAKE
210 I gave my nephew a gift, but he played with the ___ instead BOX, CARD, PAPER, BOW, BAG
211 I am surprised by how much I spend every month on ___ FOOD, GAS, CLOTHES, RENT, SHOES
212 ___ is the Disney movie I grew up watching CINDERELLA, SNOW WHITE, LION KING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LITTLE MERMAID
213 I often lose my ___ KEYS, MIND, PHONE, WALLET, SHOES
214 I ___ when I am alone SLEEP, EAT, CRY, READ, SING
215 I always wear ___ when it’s cold COAT, HAT, GLOVES, SCARF, SWEATER
216 While on a date, I mostly care about ___ FOOD, LOOKS, MONEY, LOVE, PERSONALITY
217 ___ is famous for its beaches FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, HAWAII, MEXICO
218 My mom’s pictures from the 80s wearing her ___ are so funny HEADBAND, FANNY PACK, BIG HAIR, SHOULDER PADS, JEAN JACKET
219 I cook/bake ___ from a box CAKE, BROWNIES, COOKIES, PANCAKES, MAC AND CHEESE
220 It would be so rewarding to be a ___ and save lives DOCTOR, NURSE, FIREFIGHTER, LIFEGUARD, POLICEMAN
221 I spent all day ___ before the party at my house CLEANING, COOKING, SLEEPING, DECORATING, SHOPPING
222 I was so excited we saw a/an ___ on our safari LION, ELEPHANT, GIRAFFE, TIGER, ZEBRA
223 My kids are better at ___ than I am MATH, SPORTS, VIDEO GAMES, TECHNOLOGY, DANCING
224 I usually only eat ___ once a year at Thanksgiving TURKEY, STUFFING, HAM, YAMS, CRANBERRY SAUCE
225 I wanted to be a doctor, but I am afraid of ___ BLOOD, NEEDLES, DEATH, HOSPITALS, GERMS
226 I took home ___ from my friend’s wedding FLOWERS, CAKE, FOOD, PICTURES, DATE
227 To be a ___, you have to be very precise DOCTOR, TEACHER, LAWYER, ARTIST, ACCOUNTANT
228 I went to college on a/an ___ scholarship ACADEMIC, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, MUSIC
229 I filled my bag with ___ that people were giving away at the conference PENS, CANDY, CARDS, PAMPLETS, SAMPLES
230 You need ___ to dress up like a vampire CAPE, BLOOD, FANGS, MAKEUP, BLACK CLOTHES
231 I forgot to bring my ___, so I failed my math exam PENCIL, CALCULATOR, BOOK, ERASER, PAPER
232 My baby loves the ___ puree APPLE, BANANA, PEAR, CARROT, PEACH
233 I ran out of ___ so I couldn’t bake a cake EGGS, FLOUR, MILK, SUGAR, BUTTER
234 I don’t wash my ___ every time I wear it SHIRT, PANTS, BRA, HAT, COAT
235 My hair always looks better right after the hairdresser ___ it CUTS, STYLES, WASHES, DYES, DRIES
236 I had to stop to ___ on the road trip EAT, PEE, SLEEP, GET GAS, STRETCH
237 I have an appointment to get ___ done at the spa before my wedding NAILS, HAIR, MASSAGE, MAKEUP, FACIAL
238 My son wants to go to the North Pole to see ___ SANTA, SNOW, REINDEER, ELVES, TOYS
239 ___ always makes me laugh JOKES, KIDS, FRIENDS, CLOWNS, DOGS
240 I wouldn’t want to go to ___ without a date MOVIES, DINNER, WEDDING, PROM, CONCERT
241 I add milk to my ___ in the morning CEREAL, COFFEE, OATMEAL, TEA, EGGS
242 His ___ made him look like a rebel HAIR, CLOTHES, CAR, TATTOO, MOTORCYCLE
243 I always shake ___ before using it KETCHUP, JUICE, MILK, MUSTARD, HAIRSPRAY
244 She’s good at word games because she’s a ___ TEACHER, GENIUS, STUDENT, READER, LIBRARIAN
245 I can’t stand when people are ___ RUDE, MEAN, LOUD, ANNOYING, MAD
246 My hands were all sticky from eating ___ CANDY, ICE CREAM, HONEY, SYRUP, POPSICLE
247 I think it’s sweet that my boyfriend calls me ___ BABY, HONEY, SWEETIE, LOVE, DARLING
248 ___ always tastes better when it’s homemade CAKE, COOKIES, BREAD, PIZZA, SOUP
249 I won ___ on The Price is Right CAR, TRIP, BOAT, MONEY, TV
250 I get woken up by ___ every morning ALARM, KIDS, BIRDS, SUN, DOG

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