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Mr Brain Trick Puzzle Game Level 1-100 Answers

Mr Brain Trick Puzzle Game Level 1-100 answers, walkthrough and solutions. Mr Brain IQ Evolution complete walkthrough game guide. Stuck, we help you solve all the hard questions and levels. As a result think outside the box to solve a level. Tips, hints and cheats to all levels can be found below. If you like puzzle games, trivia games or any quiz game, Mr Brain is your go to app.

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Mr Brain Trick Puzzle Game Level 1-100 Answers
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Mr Brain Trick Puzzle Game Level 1-100 Answers

Over 250 differents puzzles to solve.
Level 1

Level 1

A: Tap Santa Claus.

Level 2

A: Answer is white.

Level 3

A: The answer is 0.

Level 4

A: put out the cigarette.

Level 5

A: The sun.

Level 6

A: Drag the word ‘parking’ in the red circle.

Level 7

A: to find the biggest fish, make one fish eat all the others.

Level 8

A: Drag the triangle on the other rectangle to make a pentagon.

Level 9

A: Drag the cat out of the screen.

Level 10

A: The answer is 12.

Level 11

A: drag the meat to every sheep’s mouth to find the wolf. Find it and take off the sheep’s clothing.

Level 12

A: The answer is 1.

Level 13

A: Answer is 0.

Level 14

A: tap the word ‘you’ in the question text.

Level 15

A: Remove the red balloon from the blue balloon. Tap all the blue balloons, including the one in the text and the one below the red balloon.

Level 16

A: slide the road behind the grandma

Level 17

A: Tap Definitely Great

Level 18

A: Rub the teeth.

Level 19

A: The answer is 4.

Level 20

A: Drag two figures together to make a meat slice.

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