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Logic Master 1 Answers All Levels [Solutions on One Page]

Logic Master 1 Answers All Levels. Game puzzle solutions on one page. Find help below if you are stuck in Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist. We have solved all trivia levels for you. Think outside the box to answer the questions and problems. We love the high quality and hand drawn images.

Logic Master 1 Answers All Levels
Logic Master 1 tips, hints and walkthrough guide.

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What the developer Weez Beez / Burak Sendag say about the puzzle game app:

A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questions that require creative approach. Looking for a game that is brilliant, creative and strange at the same time? Now you can become a logic mastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky questions you have ever seen. The puzzle contains tricky questions that incorporate use of memory, attention and the ability to think in unconventional ways. This is the first version of a brilliant and unusual puzzle that tests your attention and ability to think outside the box.

Logic Master 1 Answers All Levels

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Level 1

Click blue

Level 2

Tap red balloon from left to right.

Level 3

Burn matchsticks right to left.

Level 4

Choose by weight not size.

Level 5

Lift the hen multiple times and put the eggs in the basket.

Level 6

The piece is differently shaped.

Level 7

First, you have to drag sun out of the screen then a bat will show up because bats only visible at night.

Level 8

ture false false true true false

Level 9

Don’t touch green button. Touch background.

Level 10

When last balloon remains. Balloon appears at bottom. Tap it and pop last balloon.

Level 11

they are all equal size, tap on them to make them bigger then click in the order given in the question.

Level 12

in middle you have to reverse the direction for a box, the correct order for the click is given below.

Level 13

Remember this level. Chicken > Elephant > Zebra > Frog

Level 14

Drag slowest ladybug to the finish line.

Level 15

Find same two cards and animals.

Level 16

Tap middle.

Level 17


Level 18

Click and hold big fish to slow it down.

Level 19

Frog eat moquito. Mouse eat cheese. Eagle eat mouse and frog.

Level 20

Mouse + cheese = mouse. Drag mouse from left to right.

Level 21

Top left blue button.

Level 22

Tap cat, mouse, cat.

Level 23

Click and hold frog. Jump from ball to ball.

Level 24

Cloud is not part of group.

Level 25

Put gold on any side and tap the lighter one.

Level 26

Don’t tap red balloon. Tap chicken first > then balloons from left to right.

Level 27

Hold lens on bee > click left ear > right antenna.

Level 28


Level 29

A memory game.

Level 30

Put two animals in the same box.

Level 31

Top left square (only square).

Level 32

Slide left arrow to the right.

Level 33

Red, blue, green.

Level 34

Yellow > white glass

Level 35

Put right match below the other.

Level 36

Drag red blocks to bottom until blue is visible at the bottom > click the blue button.

Level 37

Move others ladybugs to the left until the slowest ladybug wins.

Level 38

Just switch front and back.

Level 39

Right shoe.

Level 40

Put the two cars on the shadows. Bicycle is not a vehicle. Drag shadow of bicycle out and on the bicycle

Level 41

Tap chicken

Level 42

Drag upper rectangle to the ‘No parking’ sign. Park the cark on it.

Level 43

Move box another place. X is hidden below it. Tap X

Level 44

Tap right wing of left ladybug.

Level 45

Find all dissimilar cards.

Level 46

Tap text: Red, Blue, Green, Brown.

Level 47

Bee did not appear on the previous screen.

Level 48

Tap sun, coffee, thermometer, snowman.

Level 49

Move earth and sun. Moon and rocket are hidden under them. Move rocket to the moon.

Level 50

Tap chairs in the following order: First, second, third, first, first, first, fourth.

Level 51

Tap white then blue.

Level 52

Tap: Moon, earth, sun, black hole

Level 53

Tap: 1, 2, 3, chicken, 4.

Level 54

Matches should show: 1+1=2

Level 55


Level 56

Tap: banana, orange, carrot, tomato, apple.

Level 57

Tap question text not watch.

Level 58

Tap Strawberry then lemon.

Level 59

Make it show 3 and 4.

Level 60

Drag banana to monkey.

Level 61

Tap: middle, right, left.

Level 62

Tap: red, green, pink, blue, grey.

Level 63

three corners.

Level 64


Level 65

Order: Bat, car, can, mouse, cat.

Level 66

Eat all fishes besides one. Tap that fish.

Level 67

Right most piece.

Level 68

First clock is faster.

Level 69

Move earth out of screen (down).

Level 70


Level 71

Unplug wire from switch.

Level 72

Made of 7.

Level 73

Make 987541, then click the number.

Level 74

Wait for signal to turn green.

Level 75

Tap ladybugs from left to right.

Level 76

Slide back all ladybugs so the slowest ladybug wins.

Level 77

Drag cloud over the sun to pass.

Level 78

Fit the triangle in the square.

Level 79

Order: corcodile, duck, zebra, elephant.

Level 80

Move finish line left of cars.

Level 81

None of them.

Level 82

None of them

Level 83

From bottom fruits: Apple, pear, watermelon, strawberry.

Level 84

25, 19, 4

Level 85

Slide balloon up so the knife hits it.

Level 86

Tap: 111

Level 87

Tap red button 8 times fast.

Level 88

Make matches show: + = 1

Level 89

Middle, left, right.

Level 90

Tap: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9.

Level 91

Tap only bottom two times.

Level 92

Move upper car left > tap the lower car.

Level 93

Mary‘s mother have 3 children.

Level 94

Long tap bulb a few seconds. When chicken is visible > click chicken > tap bulb.

Level 95

Fill to pass this level.

Level 96

From left to right: 10, 2, 4, 6, 8.

Level 97

Touch the biggest triangle.

Level 98

Tap game timer.

Level 99

Tap chicken.

Level 100

Help monkey get down from tree.

Level 101

Remove cloud. Ice will melt. Drag car to finish flag.

Level 102

Tap 7 times.

Level 103

Move big fish near small fish. When small fish start to move tap small fish.

Level 104

Tap egg above basket three times.

Level 105

Slide blue bar. Equation 6<9 is shown.

Level 106

Just tap around the squares.

Level 107

Order: Big square red, small blue, big blue, diamont red, small red.

Level 108

Tap blue square middle.

Level 109

Answer is 7.

Level 110

Frog = 3 and elephant = 6.

Level 111

Meter scale is bigger.

Level 112

Order: Arrow up, left, left, down, right.

Level 113

Chicken footprint.

Level 114

Add car’s wheel to giraffe.

Logic Master 1 Answers Level 115

Answer is 4.

Logic Master 1 Answers Level 116

Put 50 into the box. Take from text.

Logic Master 1 Answers Level 117

Differences are given. Nose, back, foot.

Logic Master 1 Answers Level 118

Earth is farthest away from text.

Level 119

All 4 candles.

Logic Master 1 Answers Level 120

Move rectangle out of screen to shape a square.

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