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Kidding Me Answers Level 1-110 Game Solutions

Kidding Me Answers Level 1-110 Game Solutions. Kidding Me – Ready for tricky puzzle? We have solved all puzzles to help you complete the questions, riddles and clues. Think outside the screen to solve the levels. Find help below if you are stuck on a level.

Kidding Me walkthrough guide, hints and cheats all levels on one page. Download link: App Store and Google Play.
Kidding Me Answers Level 1-110 Game Solutions

What the developer ColorFun Games say about this word puzzle game app:

Kidding Me is a relaxing and challenging free puzzle game with lots of fun and smart tests. Various tests and brain teasers will challenge your mind. This fun puzzle game will break your common sense and give your brain fresh ideas. Your logical thinking skills, creativity, and computing skills will be challenged.

Kidding Me Answers Level 1-110 Game Solutions

The tricks cannot be solved with common sense. Break the rules and use your imagination to pass the riddles.

Level 1-110 Answers


Level 1


Level 2

Burst the balloons from left to right (only red balloons).

Level 3

Tap same.

Level 4

Answer is 3.

Level 5

White background.

Level 6

Drag half of the circle outside the screen.

Level 7

Cut every fruit > don’t cut potato.

Level 8

Answer is 7.

Level 9

Hold and tap nib.

Level 10

Answer is best.

Level 11

Turn device upside down.

Level 12

Tap bottom left corner.

Level 13

4 holes.

Level 14

combine blue and yellow color.

Level 15

tap on both ends of green wire.

Level 16

Scratch the mirror to clean it.

Level 17

turn device upside down > take the key and put in the lock to rescue the bird.

Level 18

combine all the holes > tap on the mole.

Level 19

zoom out on elephant > put it on the refrigerator.

Level 20

Break the ticket in two parts.

Level 21

tap and hold his nose.

Level 22

swipe screen in the bottom left.

Level 23

Answer is 1.

Level 24

Shake your device.

Level 25

Merge 0’s to make infinity.

Level 26

Drag the tomato from the basket.

Level 27

Drag the banana to the monkeys mouth.

Level 28

Tap on both of them.

Level 29

Tap and hold the fingerprint to open the tablet.

Level 30

Tap 10 times on mosquito.

Level 31

Turn your device upside down.

Level 32

Tap mango, hotdog and leg piece.

Level 33

shake your device to find the shoddy construction

Level 34

Tap the question text.

Level 35

Move every rabbit to find more rabbits. There are a total of 13 rabbits.

Level 36

Where 2nd row and 3rd column intersect.

Level 37

shake your device after throwing coins.

Level 38


Level 39


Level 40

Zoom on the river. Total of 18 frogs.

Level 41

first, click on the forward button then. hold the other two vehicles by your two fingers and at the same time hold the forward button

Level 42

Turn your device 90 degrees right.

Level 43

there is a little pass word on the bottom right just tap on it.

Level 44

shake your phone.

Level 45

shake your device then tap on the cap of the bottle.

Level 46

first, move monkey by using the right arrow under the banana.

Level 47

shake your phone.

Level 48

Tap on 558

Level 49

first, move the bike from in front of the parking. Park car by using the arrows.

Level 50


Level 51

drag two figure together to create a poached egg.

Level 52

shake your phone and tap on him.

Level 53

Turn your phone 90 degrees towards the right to correct the direction.

Level 54

Move outside the maze.

Level 55

Tap Santa.

Level 56

tap on plate (below the leg piece)

Level 57

Move the beehive in front of every box.

Level 58


Level 59

Move the first bulb outside of the screen

Level 60

put all the shapes on its position but.

Level 61

Scratch ice to generate heat.

Level 62

Tap both.

Level 63

Turn your phone upside down

Level 64

Zoom out to find a yellow dog > tap on him.

Level 65

You have 12.

Level 66

Move the machine over the grass to mowing the grass (when arrow in the middle of grass)

Level 67

Place phone facing down

Level 68

Tap 3 times on lemmings.

Level 69

hold and tap pig to copy it.

Level 70


Level 71

in the left bottom corner, you can see a pig

Level 72

Put all the coins inside the machine and shake your device.

Level 73

Top right corner after the question text.

Level 74


Level 75

Move monkey near the banana.

Level 76

Tap the bodybuilder.

Level 77

Remove 18 from box then put 5,8,17 to make 30.

Level 78


Level 79

Level 80


Level 81

drag the man to each 10$ and each 20$ he will collect all automatically

Level 82

tap on the word entrance in the question text

Level 83


Level 84

Drag the glasses from the dog to boy.

Level 85


Level 86

Charge your device.

Level 87

Tap anywhere on screen.

Level 88

Slide your screen to the left with your two fingers.

Level 89

Switch the dog and pig > press forward button.

Level 90

Put noodles and water in the bowl > hold tap on bowl to make noodles.

Level 91

put bucket in water tank then drag water tank under the tap(faucet)

Level 92

Slide the bulb 3 times. Tap start button to start digging until red line goes to max

Level 93

Hold screen > swipe all of them.

Level 94

Tap 3-4 times on every hole to fill the hole. The gopher is at the last remaining hole > tap him.

Level 95

Answer is 3.

Level 96

Move the matchstick to the edge of the screen. Slide up and down to burn it > move it to candle.

Kidding Me Answers Level 97

Answer is 24.

Level 98

Drag 3 from rocket to countdown board > tap on submit button.

Kidding Me Answers Level 99

Hold top end > shake your device.

Kidding Me Answers Level 100

You have to catch 6 falling apples.

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