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Hidden Secrets Answers All Game Puzzle Levels

Hidden Secrets Answers All Game Puzzle Levels. All solutions on one page. Find help below if you are stuck on a phrase. We have solved all levels for you. Think outside the box to solve the questions and problems. Nice game! Definitely an android game that can be truly enjoyed. Puzzles are languages like braille, morse code, and phone keypads. Can be mentally challenging tasks but challenging.

Hidden Secrets Answers All Game Puzzle Levels
Hidden Secrets tips, hints and walkthrough guide.

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What the developer Digital Secrets say about the puzzle game app:

The answer to each puzzle is a simple phrase in English, just insert it to advance to the next puzzle. This phrase usually “makes sense”. Research can be essential to solve some puzzles, feel free to look up information and use third-party software. Good luck in your challenge.

Hidden Secrets Answers All Game Puzzle Levels

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Puzzle 1

makes sense

Puzzle 2

these things

Puzzle 3

are everywhere

Puzzle 4

or not

Puzzle 5


Puzzle 6

watch us

Puzzle 7

are like whispers

Puzzle 8

there seems to be no way

Puzzle 9

to find answers

Puzzle 10


Puzzle 11


Puzzle 12

can be justified

Puzzle 13


Puzzle 14

a blind choice

Puzzle 15

all paths

Puzzle 16

seem somehow

Puzzle 17


Puzzle 18

it all

Puzzle 19

is too simple

Puzzle 20

the loop

Puzzle 21

never ends

Puzzle 22

but look for something

Puzzle 23


Puzzle 24

this strange paradox

Puzzle 25

point to

Puzzle 26

the darkness

Puzzle 27

and the way seems mazy

Puzzle 28

what makes the most sense

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