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Here Level 1-50 Answers Puzzle Game Walkthrough

Here Level 1-50 Answers Puzzle Game Walkthrough. Use our walkthrough guide and solutions to solve and find ‘here’. Android and iOS brain game puzzle. Find the answer below if you are stuck a here puzzle. We have solved all levels to help you complete the game app.

Here Level 1-50 Answers Puzzle Game Walkthrough
Tips, hints, cheats and walkthrough guide.

here – a puzzle game app download link: App Store and Google Play.

What the developer Techyonic say about the trivia game app:

50 levels. Each level with its own design and logic.
All you have to do is make or find the word here. A simple looking minimal puzzle game that requires your brain to think something different and outside the box every time. Each level looks simple and clean, but the puzzles in them are unique and have a set of varying difficulties. The difficulty increases with the level number and each level comes with 3 hints. Got stuck? Take a hint, find your way out and make here.

Here – A Puzzle Game Answers Level 1-50

Support the developers! It’s here, but can you find it?

here level 1

Click ‘here’ on screen.

here level 2

Tap to change letters > spell ‘here’.

here level 3

Use white blocks to reveal ‘Here’. Rotate white blocks horizontally.

here level 4

Spell word ‘Here’ in one of the boxes. click top box > click bottom box three times.

here level 5

Taping a box turns row and column except the box itself. Tap every box except for h, e, r, e. Click a black box to show the letter again.

here level 6

Rotate fan quickly until it rotate by itself.

here level 7

Rotate the objects to spell ‘here’ (lowercase).

here level 8

Use 4 fingers to lift all 4 shutters simultaneously.

here level 9

Remove the two first and last letters. Use two fingers to stretch. Drag letters away.

here level 10

Tap correct ‘here’. Circle changes every few seconds. Tap before it change again.

here level 11

Tap ‘here’ before it vanishes. it repawns at same position. Tap switch first time.

here level 12

Tap to switch gravity. keep ‘here in box for 4 seconds. Continue to tap when it’s close to the center.

here level 13

Create valid equation. a=1, b=2 and c=3. Middle box got the equals signs.

here level 14

Rotate ‘here’ black. Align sliders to the left. Align first and second slider equally, use bottom slider to make 3 align to the very left.

here level 15

Tap ‘back’ button > place it over the missing part of R.

here level 16

You are looking at morse code. Spell ‘here’ by tapping the two circle buttons. Words are given to see what h, e, and r means in morse code. ……-..

here level 17

Reveal letters with finger. Letters will form a heart.

here level 18

Tap numbers 8-5-18-5 (here).

here level 19

Click ‘here’ > keep trying different spots.

here level 20

4 boxes move vertically > Turn on light > Tap here.

here level 21

Tap disc to rotate it clockwise. Spell h-e-r-e. Tap disc 2 one time > tap disc 1 one time > tap disc 3 three times.

here level 22

Turn light by clicking hint button > Tap ‘here’.

here level 23

Shake device until letters line up correctly.

here level 24

Rotate > it’s the restart button. Click on it three times.

here level 25

#25 Turn brightness on your phone to max. Find ‘here’ near the bottom.

here level 26

Place ‘r’ in first box. ‘e’ in bottom box. ‘h’ and ‘e’ afterwards.

here level 27

Place finger on screen and moving it towards the sound.

here level 28

Write current time in 12-hour time format.

here level 29

‘here’ is hidden right of level number. Slide to reveal it.

here level 30

Memorize the order sort pieces in same order.

here level 31

Click on notification

here level 32

Tap fourth box 10 times to get ‘k’. Third box to spell a-a-k-a > Tap second box 7 times to spell h-a-r-a > Tap third box 4 times.

here level 33

Spell h, e, r, e > they turn red when taped > Keep letter Z black. Tap z 3 letters after h > Tap z 2 letters after e > Tap z 1 letter after r > last tap e.

here level 34

Take screenshot.

here level 35

Change level number > after tap ‘here’.

here level 36

Turn h-e-r-e white without touching the other letters. Order (h,e,r,e) does not matter.

here level 37

Slowly change phone volume until it spells ‘here’.

here level 38

Change the letters so t is the first and k is last. Hit middle button. Same goes for ‘a’ and ‘z’.

here level 39

Move slider when it’s below half > look around the whitespace. Move slider slowly. Click when you see here.

here level 40

Start from last box. Highlight all boxes. Make ‘e’ in last box. Unhighlight fourth box. Make ‘r’ in third box etc.

here level 41

Tap hint button. Ad will show (not real). It includes solutions to the level.

here level 42

Slide horizontally to rotate middle disc. Vertically to rotate far left disc. Horizontally until ‘e’ forms. Without lifting move vertically until it completes.

here level 43

Tap blinking circles > turn circles black. Circles will reveal word ‘here’ bit by bit.

here level 44

Complete pattern by filling bottom two rows. Spell h-e-r-e (lowercase). First 3 columns spell ‘h’. Next 3 will spell ‘e’. Next 3 spell ‘r’. Last 3 forms ‘e’.

here level 45

Remember cards with h, e, r, e (4 pairs). before cards turns tap to flip card. Tap the other matching cards.

here level 46

It’s small > zoom in and tap on ‘here’.

here level 47

Back classic phones. 7=p, 77=q, 777=r, 7777=s. Spell ‘here’ = 443377733.

here level 48

Tap second box 1 time. First box 7 times. Second box 1 time. Third box 17 times. Second box 1 time. Fourth 4 times. Fourth box 1 time. Second 6 times.

here level 49

Previous touchpoint.

here level 50

Cong-atulations! you -av- compl-t-dt-gam- t-ank you fo-b-ing–. Fill blanks (h e r e).

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