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Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers Levels 1-400

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers All Levels. Solutions for Dingbats – Word Trivia. We have solved all puzzles to help you complete the app.

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Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers All Levels

Combine your imagination and brain skills to solve the riddles.

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 1-80

Level 1 [Mill 1 lion] ONE IN A MILLION
Level 2 [mind matter] MIND OVER MATTER
Level 3 [Wish star] WISH UPON A STAR
Level 4 [Promise] BROKEN PROMISE
Level 5 [Head heel heel heel] HEAD OVER HEELS
Level 6 [Skating ice] SKATING ON THIN ICE
Level 7 [man board] MAN OVERBOARD
Level 8 [by little] LITTLE BY LITTLE
Level 9 [iceberg] TIP OF THE ICEBERG
Level 10 [nepainck] PAIN IN THE NECK

Level 11 [cha who who rge] WHO’S IN CHARGE
Level 12 [record] BROKEN RECORD
Level 13 [stood mis] MISUNDERSTOOD
Level 14 [Price/2] HALF PRICE
Level 15 [look u leap] LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP
Level 16 [all all world all all] ALL AROUND THE WORLD
Level 17 [Personality] SPLIT PERSONALITY
Level 18 [awake] WIDE AWAKE
Level 19 [do do list] TO DO LIST
Level 20 [five] HIGH FIVE

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 21-40

Level 21 [jack] JACK IN THE BOX
Level 22 [cancelled] CANCELLED CHECK
Level 23 [ice 3] ICE CUBE
Level 24 [wear long] LONG UNDERWEAR
Level 25 [aid aid aid] FIRST AID
Level 26 [burn burn] SIDEBURNS
Level 27 [dnuorg check] BACKGROUND CHECK
Level 28 [gra snake ss] SNAKE IN THE GRASS
Level 29 [all= lost] ALL IS NOT LOST
Level 30 [rough] DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH

Level 31 [egami] MIRROR IMAGE
Level 32 [glass] GLASS HALF FULL
Level 33 [yad eht ni] BACK IN THE DAY
Level 34 [wrong wrong ≠ right] TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT
Level 35 [arest ur] YOU’RE UNDER ARREST
Level 36 [stand i] I UNDERSTAND
Level 37 [pa walk rk] A WALK IN THE PARK
Level 38 [te i am] THERE’S NO I IN TEAM
Level 39 [calm storm] THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM
Level 40 [dednah] LEFT HANDED

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 41-60

Level 41 [herring] RED HERRING
Level 42 [secret secret secret] TOP SECRET
Level 43 [talk] SMALL TALK
Level 44 [close comfort] TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT
Level 45 [death life] LIFE AFTER DEATH
Level 46 [somewhere rainbow] SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW
Level 47 [man moon] MAN ON THE MOON
Level 48 [egg egg ham] GREEN EGGS AND HAM
Level 49 [HoRobod] ROBIN HOOD
Level 50 [all one all] ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL

Level 51 [va ders] SPACE INVADERS
Level 52 [submarine] YELLOW SUBMARINE
Level 53 [pri son] PRISON BREAK
Level 54 [to syobwn] THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN
Level 55 [hahandnd] HAND IN HAND
Level 56 [thumb] GREEN THUMB
Level 57 [mo once on] ONCE IN A BLUE MOON
Level 58 [wolf] LONE WOLF
Level 59 [print] FINE PRINT
Level 60 [tunnel light] LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 61-80

Level 61 [comm cc] COMMON SENSE
Level 62 [stick] SHORT END OF THE STICK
Level 63 [sqrt problem] ROOT OF THE PROBLEM
Level 64 [faπce] PIE IN THE FACE
Level 65 [5:00 PM] FIVE O’CLOCK SHADOW
Level 66 [po fish nd] BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND
Level 67 [pretty in] PRETTY IN PINK
Level 68 [12 26 paint 8 3 7]
Level 69 [corporate]
Level 70 [smo go ke]

Level 71 [job in job] IN BETWEN JOBS
Level 72 [gravity] CENTER OF GRAVITY
Level 73 [touch] TOUCHDOWN
Level 74 [out] BLACKOUT
Level 75 [fast] BREAKFAST
Level 76 [1] HOLE IN ONE
Level 77 [melt] NUCLEAR MELTDOWN
Level 78 [ovation] STANDING OVATION
Level 79 [loohcs] BACK TO SCHOOL
Level 80 [old] GROWING OLD

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 81-100

Level 81 [travel ccccccc] TRAVEL OVERSEAS
Level 82 [crystal] CRYSTALCLEAR
Level 83 [potato] SMALL POTATOES
Level 84 [beat bush] BEAT AROUND THE BUSH
Level 85 [a all ll] ALL IN ALL
Level 86 [another one thing] ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER
Level 87 [sell buy] BUY LOW SELL HIGH
Level 88 [think] THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX
Level 89 [e or not] READY OR NOT
Level 90 [big ignore] TOO BIG TO IGNORE

Level 91 [deci sion] SPLIT DECISION
Level 92 [age age age] MIDDLE AGE
Level 93 [silence] SILENCE IS GOLD
Level 94 [ppprestppp] REST IN PEACE
Level 95 [an eye] AN EYE FOR AN EYE
Level 96 [skπy] PIE IN THE SKY
Level 97 [shot] SHOT IN THE DARK
Level 98 [try stand 2] TRY TO UNDERSTAND
Level 99 [dom effect] DOMINO EFFECT
Level 100 [meal] BALANCED MEAL

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 101-120

Level 101 [feather bulb] LIGHT BULB
Level 102 [league] LITTLE LEAGUE
Level 103 [water] HOLY WATER
Level 104 [lang4uage] FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Level 105 [cycle cycle cycle] TRICYCLE
Level 106 [dinner 2] SQUARE MEAL
Level 107 [meta meta meta meta] METAPHOR
Level 108 [knee light light] NEON LIGHTS
Level 109 [wool wolf wool] WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING
Level 110 [to late late] TOO LITTLE TOO LATE

Level 111 [injury+insult] ADDING INSULT TO INJURY
Level 112 [alta drop ntic] A DROP IN THE OCEAN
Level 113 [edge] CUTTING EDGE
Level 114 [toungue speaking toungue] SPEAKING IN TONGUES
Level 115 [k u speak] THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK
Level 116 [busines_] UNFINISHED BUSINESS
Level 117 [long story] TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT
Level 118 [what must] WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN
Level 119 [my1111life] FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE
Level 120 [sitting the world] SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 121-140

Level 121 [give get give get] FORGIVE AND FORGET
Level 122 [searching searching] SEARCHING HIGH AND LOW
Level 123 [youjustme] JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME
Level 124 [night town] NIGHT ON THE TOWN
Level 125 [face] RED IN THE FACE
Level 126 [teef teef] TWO LEFT FEET
Level 127 [ban ana] BANANA SPLIT
Level 128 [lem ade] LEMONADE
Level 129 [sgeg gesg] SCRAMBLED EGGS
Level 130 [trout] RAINBOW TROUT

Level 131 [cherry pi] CHERRY PIE
Level 132 [egg egg easy] EGGS OVER EASY
Level 133 [# # #] HASH BROWNS
Level 134 [chee chee toast] CHEESE ON TOAST
Level 135 [Eggs ynnus] EGGS SUNNY SIDE UP
Level 136 [days all work] ALL IN A DAY’S WORK
Level 137 [time ab_defg] LONG TIME NO SEE
Level 138 [bird bird] THE BIRDS AND THE BEES
Level 139 [Yourballcourt] THE BALL’S IN YOUR COURT
Level 140 [cat bag] LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 141-160

Level 142 [last least] LAST BUT NOT LEAST
Level 143 [t_rn t_rn] NO U-TURNS
Level 144 [touch] YOU RE OUT OF TOUCH
Level 145 [sta4nce] FOR INSTANCE
Level 146 [44228] BACK TO SQUARE ONE
Level 147 [index pinky] FINGERS CROSSED
Level 148 [grab grab grab grab] UP FOR GRABS
Level 149 [bend revo] BEND OVER BACKWARDS
Level 150 [gone gone gone conclusion] FOREGONE CONCLUSION

Level 151 [7s2a5f9e6t3y8] SAFETY IN NUMBERS
Level 152 [fire candle fire] BURNING THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS
Level 153 [tttt winks] FORTY WINKS
Level 154 [bad wolf] BIG BAD WOLF
Level 155 [air love] LOVE IS IN THE AIR
Level 156 [5280 ft] GREEN MILE
Level 157 [it2 1 345] IT TAKES TWO
Level 158 [working working 5] WORKING NINE TO FIVE
Level 159 [job] INSIDE JOB

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 161-180

Level 161 [mce mce mce] THREE BLIND MICE
Level 162 [sun rock rock rock] THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN
Level 163 [step qɘɈƨ qɘɈƨ] ONE STEP FORWARD TWO STEPS BACK
Level 164 [blood water] BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER
Level 165 [4 fish compliments] FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS
Level 166 [put 1kg] PUT ON WEIGHT
Level 167 [i right i] RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES
Level 168 [noon good] GOOD AFTERNOON
Level 169 [goodbe Goodbe true] TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE
Level 170 [dutch dutch] DOUBLE DUTCH
Level 171 [11111111 6:12am] ONCE UPON A TIME
Level 172 [0_2345=blame] NO ONE IS TO BLAME
Level 173 [kk just kk] JUST IN CASE
Level 174 [all things all things] ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL
Level 175 [day day day day end] FOR DAYS ON END
Level 176 [hive beauty] BEAUTY IS ON THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER
Level 177 [the sand] TENNIS SHOES
Level 178 [arupms] UP IN ARMS
Level 179 [slow] SLOW DOWN
Level 180 [TerVeryesting] VERY INTERESTING

Level 181 [agent agent] DOUBLE AGENT
Level 182 [retrauq] QUATERBACK
Level 183 [yyy men] THREE WISE MEN
Level 184 [star lover] STAR-CROSSED LOVERS
Level 185 [wheel wheel wheel] THIRD WHEEL
Level 186 [comedian] STAND UP COMEDIAN
Level 187 [sister] LITTLE SISTER
Level 188 [seat driver] BACKSEAT DRIVER
Level 189 [nnnn enemy] FOREIGN ENEMY
Level 190 [costs] RISING COSTS
Level 191 [climb] UPHILL CLIMB
Level 192 [world pppp] WORLD PEACE
Level 193 [zero m.d b.a. ph.d.] THREE DEGREES BELOW ZERO
Level 194 [time time] FROM TIME TO TIME
Level 195 [head>head] TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE
Level 196 [qrs_u _wxys a week] NO TV FOR A WEEK
Level 197 [backing] BACKING UP
Level 198 [p flash an] FLASH IN THE PAN
Level 199 [issue issue] TENNIS SHOES
Level 200 [(tax)] TAX BRACKET

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 201-220

Level 201 [lunch lunch] LUNCH BOX
Level 202 [pencil kkkk] PENCIL CASE
Level 203 [note note] HIGH NOTE
Level 204 [for tune] SMALL FORTUNE
Level 205 [matter] GRAY MATTER
Level 206 [vow] BROKEN VOW
Level 207 [house] GREENHOUSE
Level 208 [not cent] NOT A RED CENT
Level 209 [finger pie] FINGER IN THE PIE
Level 210 [oint fly ment] FLY IN THE OINTMENT
Level 211 [1 3 5 7 9 ends] ODDS AND ENDS
Level 212 [ecnalg] BACKWARDS GLANCE
Level 213 [eng age ment] BROKEN ENGAGEMENT
Level 214 [steady go] READY STEADY GO
Level 215 [choice choice] MULTIPLE CHOICE
Level 216 [minutes back minutes] BACK IN FIVE MINUTES
Level 217 [N pole] NORTH POLE
Level 218 [town] DOWNTOWN
Level 219 [str eet] STREET CORNER
Level 220 [i fell i fell ifell] EIFFEL TOWER

Level 221 [ground feet feet feet] SIX FEET UNDERGROUND
Level 222 [dice dice] PARADISE
Level 223 [way] HALFWAY
Level 224 [head 1/4] HEADQUARTERS
Level 225 [ice l&] ICELAND
Level 226 [way way] PARTING WAYS
Level 227 [good 4 0] GOOD FOR NOTHING
Level 228 [off] FIFTY PERCENT OFF
Level 229 [cheek cheek] TURN THE OTHER CHEEK
Level 230 [going au au] GOING FOR GOLD

Level 231 [tuo] BACK OUT
Level 233 [time time] TIME S UP
Level 234 [cutting cutting] CUTTING CORNERS
Level 235 [double double] DOUBLE CROSS
Level 236 [to lunch] OUT TO LUNCH
Level 237 [the end] THE BEGINNING OF THE END
Level 238 [hi mind helllo mind] MEETING OF THE MINDS
Level 239 [an era] THE END OF AN ERA
Level 240 [s ea] PARTING THE RED SEA

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 241-260

Level 241 [ccccccccc festive] FESTIVE SEASON
Level 242 [mast] HALF MAST
Level 243 [punishment] CAPITAL PUNISHMENT
Level 244 [time=charm] THIRD TIME’S A CHARM
Level 245 [lay the law] LAY DOWN THE LAW
Level 246 [po kkkk int] CASE IN POINT
Level 247 [himselfhe’s] HE’S BESIDE HIMSELF
Level 248 [or or 0] DOUBLE OR NOTHING
Level 249 [organ iiiii] ORGANIZE
Level 250 [thumbs thumbs] TWO THUMBS UP

Level 251 [sunny cloudy rainy feeling] FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER
Level 252 [objection ruled] OBJECTION OVERRULED
Level 253 [bubombll snowman] ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN
Level 254 [time time] TIME AFTER TIME
Level 255 [walking] WALKING TALL
Level 256 [mirror wall] MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL
Level 257 [christmas] LAST CHRISTMAS
Level 258 [tiger] EYE OF THE TIGER
Level 259 [man man man] LAST MAN STANDING
Level 260 [home range] HOME ON THE RANGE

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 261-280

Level 261 [dead dead] LEFT FOR DEAD
Level 262 [pppod] TWO PEAS IN A POD
Level 263 [@ eeee] AT EASE
Level 264 [envy] GREEN WITH ENVY
Level 265 [musically] MUSICALLY INCLINED
Level 266 [trouble] YOU RE IN TROUBLE
Level 267 [rough edge] ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES
Level 268 [cloud cloud] CLOUD NINE
Level 269 [generation] GENERATION GAP
Level 270 [often not] MORE OFTEN THAN NOT

Level 271 [fair] FAIR AND SQUARE
Level 272 [lucky] LUCKY BREAK
Level 273 [minniute] BACK IN A MINUTE
Level 274 [at last] AT LONG LAST
Level 275 [1 hit 1 der] ONE HIT WONDER
Level 276 [sight love] LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
Level 277 [history go] GO DOWN IN HISTORY
Level 278 [boiling] BOILING POINT
Level 279 [pe4nny pou4nd] IN FOR A PENNY IN FOR A POUND
Level 280 [oce ans] OCEANS APART

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 281-300

Level 281 [stone] CORNERSTONE
Level 282 [glasses] ROSE TINTED GLASSES
Level 283 [Ag Medal] Silver Medal
Level 284 [spot x] X MARKS THE SPOT
Level 285 [clock rock] ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK
Level 286 [floyd] PINK FLOYD
Level 287 [1 2 3 4 5 6 dracula] COUNT DRACULA
Level 288 [bb or bb] TO BE OR NOT TO BE
Level 289 [hcatat] THE CAT IN THE HAT
Level 290 [earth earth earth] MIDDLE EARTH

Level 291 [heat heat heat] HEAT WAVE
Level 292 [World War War] WORLA WAR TWO
Level 293 [Witted Individual] DIMWITTED INDIVIDUAL
Level 294 [peace] GREENPEACE
Level 295 [ground london] LONDON UNDERGROUND
Level 296 [storm] EYE OF THE STORM
Level 297 [time time time time] TIMES SQUARE
Level 298 [Beg Differ Differ] BEG TO DIFFER
Level 299 [Barbershop] BARBERSHOP QUARTET
Level 300 [Angle Len Len] WIDE ANGLE LENS

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 301-320

Level 301 [WBlockl ak] WALK AROUND THE BLOCK
Level 302 [Night] MIDNIGHT
Level 303 [Over Over] OVER AND OVER
Level 304 [The Century] THE TURN OF THR CENTUIRY
Level 305 [ing Ring] BOXING RING
Level 306 [SurCarance] CAR INSURANCE
Level 307 [Apr Bug Aug May Jul] JUNEBUG
Level 308 [VisManible] THE INVISIBLE MAN
Level 309 [Handed] RED-HANDED
Level 310 [Picture=Wordsx1000] A Picture is worth a thousand words

Level 311 [New York 60 Sec] A NEW YORK MINUTE
Level 312 [ccccccc The Day] SEIZE THE DAY
Level 313 [Head Shoulders the Rest] Head AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST
Level 314 [Hay Needle Hay] A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK
Level 315 [Race Time] RACE AGAINST TIME
Level 316 [Rain My Parade] DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE
Level 317 [¢ 5] NICKELBACK
Level 318 [Knock Wood] KNOCK ON WOOD
Level 319 [Head Head] HEADS UP
Level 320 [Water water water Fish] FISH OUT OF WATER

Dingbats Answers 321-340

Level 321 [Cast Stone] CAST THE FIRST STONE
Level 322 [Check] BLANK CHECK
Level 323 [Tea china] ALL THE TEA IN CHINA
Level 324 [Agree Disagree] AGREE TO DISAGREE
Level 325 [Apple] THE BIG APPLE
Level 326 [Blood] BLUE BLOOD
Level 327 [Air Castle] CASTLE IN THE AIR
Level 328 [Close Cigar] CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR
Level 329 [Horse] DARK HORSE
Level 330 [Fuse] SHORT FUSE

Level 331 [banana banana banana] SECOND BANANA
Level 332 [Icing Cake] ICING ON THE CAKE
Level 333 [Cook Broth Cook] TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH
Level 334 [Duckling Duckling] THE UGLY DUCKLING
Level 335 [walk eggshell eggshell] WALKING ON EGGSSHELLS
Level 336 [Bridge water] WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE
Level 337 [Elephant] PINK ELEPHANT
Level 338 [Year Year Out] YEAR IN YEAR OUT
Level 339 [Finger Discount] FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT
Level 340 [Hen Hen Hen Hen Fox] FOX IN THE HENHOUSE

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 341-360

Level 341 [estate estate] FOURTH ESTATE
Level 342 [duckduckduckduck] DUCKS IN A ROW
Level 343 [Bank] BREAK THE BANK
Level 344 [Bite Bite Cherry] A SECOND BITE AT THE CHERRY
Level 345 [Sight Sore Eye] A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES
Level 346 [Tea Storm Cup] STORM IN A TEACUP
Level 347 [Order] TALL ORDER
Level 348 [Law] ABOVE THE LAW
Level 349 [Bean 1 Bean 2 Bean 3 Bean 4] BEAN COUNTER
Level 350 [Ball And And And] BALL AND CHAIN

Level 351 [Bark Bark Bark Bite] ALL BARK AND NO BITE
Level 352 [ball ball ball ball] BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL
Level 353 [Wit Wit Wit Wit] AT WIT’S END
Level 354 [catch catch catch] CATCH TWENTY-TWO
Level 355 [Humble Pi] HUMBLE PIE
Level 356 [Man Man Himself] EVERY AMN FOR HIMSELF
Level 357 [Fashion→→] FASHION FORWARD
Level 358 [My Feather Cap] FEATHER IN MY CAP
Level 359 [Bone Pick Pick] A BONE TO PICK
Level 360 [Mo Foot uth Disease] FOOT IN MOUTH DISEASE

Dingbats Answers 361-380

Level 361 [Home Home] HOME AWAY FROM HOME
Level 362 [NShellut] IN A NUTSHELL
Level 363 [Hand Hand Hand Deck] ALL HANDS ON DECK
Level 364 [Than Life] LARGER THAN LIFE
Level 365 [Loo Loo cannon] LOOSE CANNON
Level 366 [Clheoud Cloadud] HEAD IN THE CLOUDS
Level 367 [Word=Mum] MUM’S THE WORD
Level 368 [Pois Pill] POISON PILL
Level 369 [WoSaltund] SALT IN THE WOUND
Level 370 [Peach cream] PEACHES AND CREAM

Level 371 [Stringer Stringer] SECOND STRINGER
Level 372 [Simmer] SIMMER DOWN
Level 373 [Rhyme reason] NO RHYME NO REASON
Level 374 [Town→Town] PAINT THE TOWN RED
Level 375 [Time Time Time time] NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN
Level 376 [Million never Years] NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS
Level 377 [5¢ 10¢] NICKEL AND DIME
Level 378 [Pup e Dog iii] PUPPY DOG EYES
Level 379 [Thumb scale] THUMB ON THE SCALE

Dingbats Word Trivia Game Answers 381-400

Level 381 [Flag Flag Flag Flag] RAISING THE RED FLAG
Level 382 [Sac Cow] SACRED COW
Level 383 [Ewanderye] WANDERING EYE
Level 384 [Vicious] VICIOUS CIRCLE
Level 385 [Whistle] WHISTLE IN THE DARK
Level 386 [Thumb Thumb] THUMBS DOWN BBB
Level 387 [Bullet] SILVER BULLET
Level 388 [Ear Wall Ear] THE WALLS HAVE EARS
Level 390 [MStickud] STICK IN THE MUD
Level 391 [Fish Sleep Fish] SLEEP WITH THE FISHES
Level 392 [Enchilada] THE WHOLE ENCHILADA
Level 393 [Music my ear] MUSIC TO MY EARS
Level 394 [Step the Plate] STEP UP TO THE PLATE
Level 395 [To Game x 1wn] THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN
Level 396 [Flag] WHITE FLAG
Level 397 [Schindler] SCHINDLER’S LIST
Level 398 [Sand] SANDBOX
Level 399 [Hijklmno] WATER
Level 400 [Level Home] SPLIT LEVEL HOME

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