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Braindom Level 51-100 Game Answers All Puzzles

Braindom Level 51-100 game answers and solutions. We have solved all game puzzles to help you complete the game.

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Braindom Level 51-50 Game Answers All Puzzles

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Braindom Level 51-100 Game Answers All Puzzles

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Braindom Level 51-100

Level 51
Q: Find the “Heart”.
A: Top right.
Level 52
Q: Come on! Carry on racing.
A: Drag all over the crew members onto the lines near the middle of the road. Once you have them all position just hit the stop button.
Level 53
Q: Try to get the cheese from the trap
A: Put one finger on the metal trap portion, then use another finger to tap and drag the cheese off of the trap.
Level 54
A: It’s important to remember your PEMDAS, which is an acronym for the order of operations in math: Parentheses, Exponents (Powers & Square Roots), Multiplication & Division (left-to-right), and Addition & Subtraction (left-to-right). If you do the math, you’ll get 3 from the left parentheses, and 0 from the right one. When you multiply these together, you end up with the answer… which is 0.
Level 55
Q: Who would you safe first.
A: Number 2 is the correct answer, someone’s kid.

Braindom Level 56-100

Level 56
A: The apple is equal to 2.
Level 57
W: One car wheel missing. Fix it
A: Use left side up circle.
Level 58
Q: Help him lift the barbell
A: use 2 finger and put it up.
Level 59
Q: How many balls are below.
A: Tap on the clothes iron which is yellow, and then tap on the man’s face.
Level 60
Q: Put the wallet in the bad.
A: Tap multiple times on the rocks to break them up enough to be sieved.

Braindom Level 61-100

Level 61
Q: Find the “Deer”.
A: Tap on the animal with the antlers, that’s the deer.
Level 62
Q: Which logo is fake.
A: Facebook logo.
Level 63
Q: Which logo is fake.
A: first.
Level 64
Q: Try to create the highest possible two-digit numbe
A: Create 95.
Level 65
Q: Which logo is true
A: The logo with white and blue where the letters aren’t backwards is the right one.

Braindom Level 66-100

Level 66
Q: Find the “Pizza”
A: The pizza is on the father’s shirt.
Level 67
A: The piece that’s all blue with a slight bit of green on the tab goes on the left. The bright blue piece with orange on it goes on the right.
Level 68
Q: What’s the greatest star
A: Swipe down on the envelope and it will turnover. Drag the pen to the address box to write the address.
Level 69
Q: Save the cat from the dogs
A: Put two fingers in the center of the image and draw them outwards to make him fall asleep.
Level 70
Q: How many squares are there same color with “A” square
A: Tap and hold on the A box and drag it around the puzzle. Checkmarks will appear on the spots that are the same color. There are 4 in total.

Braindom Level 71-100

Level 71
Q: This old building should be taken down
A: Shake your phone to break down the building.
Level 72
Q: Find the “Fish”
A: The fish can be found at the bottom left on the ground.
Level 73
Q: Clean the scribbled
A: Shake your phone to erase the page of scribbles.
Level 74
A: Tap to cage and then open window.
Level 75
Q: ow many wheels are there
A: There’s 15 wheels.

Braindom Level 76-100

Level 76
Q: I want my other half of the cherry back.
A: Draw a circle where the missing cherry is to create an additional cherry.
Level 77
Q: Tap in the right order.
A: Tap the words from the bottom to the top in order.
Level 78
Q: Spot the “F”.
A: The F is in the puzzle clue, not on the board full of E’s.
Level 79
Q: Find the twins.
A: Yellow dotted eggs are twin.
Level 80
Q: The monkey is very hungry. Help it.
A: Tap multiple times on bananas to break them.

Braindom Level 81-100

Level 81
Q: Try to find the mistake.
A: The 7 is backwards so tap on it!
Level 82
A: Order: Turtle, Whale, Sea Horse, Piranha, Crab, Jellyfish, Starfish.
Level 83
Q: Spot the foreigner.
A: The dog is the foreigner, it’s a pug!
Level 84
Q: Stall is not stable, please fix it.
A: Draw a line to make a leg for the stool with your finger.
Level 85
A: The white eggs with green and blue spots match.

Braindom Level 86-100

Level 86
Q: Find her shadow.
A: Last one is correct shadow.
Level 87
Q: Which pieces suit each other best.
A: man+dead=walking dead.
Level 88
Q: Match the correct emoji couples with this word.
A: Choose the man walking and the casket emojis in order to complete the puzzle.
Level 89
Q: Find the cheese.
A: The cheese can be found on the woman’s shirt who is on the pink exercise ball.
Level 90
Q: Which one do you think is a law book.
A: Move the word “law” on the book.

Braindom Level 91-100

Level 91
Q: Remember the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, she needs the key.
A: Give Alice the cupcake so she can become large enough to grab the keys.
Level 92
Q: Let Alice go to Wonderland through that small door.
A: Give Alice the potion so she’ll shrink and be able to open the door.
Level 93
Q: Please help Alice match the right key with the right shadow so we can narrow.
A: Tap on a key shadow then tap on the key that matches it.
Level 94
Q: Which key opens which door, Alice is confused.
A: The fourth key matches the first, sixth key for the second, third key with third, second key with fourth, first key with the fifth, and the fifth key with the sixth house.
Level 95
Q: Thanks for identifying the right key, but this is too big for this keyhole.
A: Pinch together your fingers on the key to shrink it to fit.

Braindom Level 96-100

Level 96
Q: One burger for me, please.
A: Draw the top of a bun on the lettuce to finish the sandwich.
Level 97
Q: Let’s see if you can find the numbered ball.
A: Combine the circles together to create the number 1.
Level 98
Q: Find the twins.
A: The red and blue winged butterflies without the large spots are matching.
Level 99
Q: Chill, relax and match as you will need it later.
A: The screw matches with the screwdriver, the shoe/cleat matches with the ball, hook and fish, and teapot and teacup are the final match.
Level 100
Q: The phone will be out of battery, please help me.
A: Put 100 from level number to right corner of the phone to charge the phone to 100%.

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