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Braindom Level 151-200 Game Answers All Puzzles

Braindom Level 151-200 game answers and solutions. We have solved all game puzzles to help you complete the game. Use hints if you need a clue to find the solutions to the riddles.

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Braindom Level 151-200 Game Answers All Puzzles

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Please mind you will be tricked in every question, don’t think in an usual way.

Braindom Level 151-200 Game Answers All Puzzles

Tricky Brain – IQ Puzzle Out.

Braindom Level 151-200

#151 Help him score.
A: Drag bag and give milk to boy.

#152 Spot the foreigner.
A: Cat.

#153 The salad needs more salt.
A: Shake your device.

#154 Help me open the door.
A: Open with your finger.

#155 The bird wants to play seesaw as it is bored of flying.
A: Draw a stone with your finger.

#156 Coffee mug is too hot to hold!
A: Draw a cup holder to hold the coffee.

#157 Help me pour my tea.
A: Be careful, it might be hot Paint kettle keeper.

#158 The car’s battery is flat. help him run his car again.
A: Open the red car and then draw a wire between the cars.

#159 Find her shadow.
A: The 3rd shadow.

#160 Hey, it’s the twins’ birthday today! Where is your present.
A: Give them the gifts.

Braindom Level 161-200

#161 Who is the father?
A: Tap their cloth.

#162 Stop the rain.
A: Tilt your device.

#163 How many people live here.
A: 4.

#164 How can you help save the patient who is in danger?
A: Connect fourth woman to the medicine.

#165 Find the force affecting the water level.
A: Place the plate.

#166 Help entertain the cat.
A: Move the fish around the cat.

#167 Make her happy.
A: Create an alien like in her dream.

#168 Find your stolen beautiful red car.
A: Tap the water and wash all the cars. You will then find the red car.

#169 Who is their child.
A: Boy with blue eyes.

#170 Which one is a cherry tree?
A: Dig all bones and place the water.

Braindom Level 171-200

#171 Find out the owner of mysterious red eyes.
A: Use the chatwood to get vision in the cave.

#172 Can you give her a makeover?
A: Give all makeup.

#173 Take the snake out of its box.
A: Give the flute back the man.

#174 Doesn’t window look really dirty? Let’s clean it.
A: Tap the sponge and clean the window.

#175 Repair my bike with your magic drawing fingers!
A: Draw a circle to complete the bike.

#176 Zombies. Help keep them out of the house.
A: Close the door and the window by using the wooden things.

#177 The pinwheel should be continuously rotating!
A: Shake your device.

#178 The movie is so boring. Run it forward!
A: Drag the skip sign down and place it with tv.

#179 Bring the mother and the child together.
A: Move the yellow cat to the mother.

#180 Find the pear! Check image.
A: Top right corner.

Braindom Level 181-200

#181 Order the cats on a vertical line.
A: Move cats on a vertical line including the word “cats”.

#182 Save the mouse.
A: Drag grey cat and you will see mouse then drag mouse and put to hole.

#183 Which logo is fake?
A: Mercedes-benz logo is fake.

#184 Find the sausage.
A: Image.

#185 Find the horse.
A: Seahorse.

#186 Order the food.
A: 3-4-1-2.

#187 Help me open the door again.
A: Push door keeper down and slide door to right side.

#188 Save the child who fell into the hole of the frozen lake.
A: Break the ice and then pull boy up.

#189 Put the doll in all the boxes.
A: Put all the boxes inside each other.

#190 Put the bull into motion.
A: Drag the red choice and give it to the man.

Braindom Level 191-200

#191 Who is his wife?
A: Throw the flowers back.

#192 Who is pregnant?
A: Clean the mirror.

#193 Sad emojis 🙁 Can you make them happy by using my magical envelope?
A: Move the envelope to all the emojis.

#194 The cheerleader was late for the game. Help her to get prepared.
A: Move sun and give to her hands.

#195 Can you fry an egg?
A: Open the refrigerator and take one egg then fry that egg using the pan.

#196 Avoid the crocodile harming the duck and her family.
A: Take a branch and put to crocodile mouth.

#197 Try to create the highest possible two-digit number.
A: 95.

#198 There are 3 hens in a farm and doubling the number of roosters each day. How many hens would there be on the 4th day?
A: 3.

#199 Who is his wife?
A: Open the box in his hands and check who has same color of shoes.

#200 Everyone is board. Entertain them.
A: Drag the middle gas tube and place it near the boy nose.

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