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Braindom Level 101-150 Game Answers All Puzzles

Braindom Level 101-150 game answers and solutions. We have solved all game puzzles to help you complete the game. Use hints if you need a clue to find the solutions to the riddles.

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Braindom Level 101-150 Game Answers All Puzzles

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Please mind you will be tricked in every question, don’t think in an usual way.

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Braindom Level 101-150

#101 Which circle is green.www
A: Place the word “green” on the empty circle.

#102 Find the lady bug with 4 dots.
A: Find it on the top left side.

#103 Something doesn’t seem right.
A: Draw teeth on the saw.

#104 Match the correct emoji couples with this word
A: Heart + Gun = Heart Attack

#105 Find the bone.
A: Inder the table.

#106 Help me make my strawberry milk.
A: Use the blender.

#107 Now, I want a strawberry milkshake.
A: Shake your phone.

#108 Hey, you made all drinks for me, but Emma and Max are drinking it. Who’s who?
A: Max, Bob and Emma. Drag names.

#109 Help ladies to be together in the line.
A: Drag the lady in the empty spot.

#110 What will it look like from a bird’s-eye view.
A: Number 3.

Braindom Level 111-120

#111 You know what you are doing, right.
A: Not so hard to match 🙂

#112 Help me ride a bike and be carbon-free.
A: Draw a circle as the wheel.

#113 Can you spot spot the mistake.
A: Double spot in the title.

#114 It is number of legs, ant have 6 legs cow has 4 and chicken has 2.
A: 6.

#115 Find the twins.
A: Right and middle.

#116 Pick the odd one out.
A: The book.

#117 Chill, relax and match.
A: Last shadow.

#118 Who is lying
A: Anser is A.

#119 Tap in the right order.
A: Tap from bottom to the top.

#120 Match the correct emoji couples with this word.
A: Plant + star = Lucky Star.

Braindom Level 121-130

#121 He is about to miss his favourite show, help him
A: Draw a wire to the power outlet.

#122 Can you stop the drone.
A: Land, tap two times and remove the battery.

#123 Who is telling the truth?
A: tap their names. Take the phone from his pocket. Tap Lucy and Jennifer at the same time.

#124 Chillax and match.
A: Easy to match.

#125 Click the following in this order.
Banana, apple, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon and cherry.

A: Use middle two parts.

#127 Find the tiny mouse.
A: Lower left corner.

A: Move the barrier.

#129 The salad needs more salt.
A: Shake your device.

#130 Which one is the champion.
A: Place the word “champion” at number 1.

Braindom Level 131-140

#131 How many people live here?
A: Answer is 2.

#132 Find the banana.
A: Banana is at the top right corner.

#133 Find the goose that lays the golden eggs.
A: Tap each at the same time.

#134 Find the darkest color.
A: Drag the word ‘darkest’ from text to all balloons.

#135 Which glass has more water:
A: First.

#136 Which logo is fake.
A: Twitter.

#137 Who is lying.
A: A.

#138 Find the box.
A: Bottom of the bed.

#139 Who is lying
A: Tap his ring. Answer is Margot.

#140 Who is lying
Tap the guys pocket. Answer is A.

Braindom Level 141-150

#141 Save the day.
A: Drag 5 to make 50.

#142 Poorly lady is in a difficult position. Nature calls her more that others but there is only one toilet for ladies. Help
A: Change to a men’s icon.

#143 Can you mow the grass for me.
A: Move it with your finger to cut the grass.

#144 Who is Cinderella.
A: Drag their dresses and put shoe on the middle girl.

#145 Who is Cinderella.
A: Same.

#146 He’s going to sneeze! She looks afraid, keep her safe
A: Give him a mask on.

#147 Something went wrong while she was playing with a string. Can you help her.
A: Tap face and remove string from her mouth.

#148 The door is locked, help me open it.
A: shake your device.

#149 The door is locked, help me open it
A: Same as last.

#150 Which car would you buy
A: Shake and tap.

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