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Brain Wash Levels 1-100 Game Answers and Solutions

Brain Wash levels 1-100 Game answers, solutions and walkthrough. If you are stuck on a level we are here to help. We have solved all stages, questions and problems to help you complete the game. New levels are added all the time so stay tuned for  more cheats on our site.

We love the Brain Wash puzzle game. The app is available for Android and iOS here: App Store // Google Play.
Brain Wash Levels 1-100 Game Answers and Solutions
What the developer SayGames say about the game: “Wash your brain with unique and fun puzzles!”

Brain Wash Levels 1-100 Game Answers and Solutions

Use your skills to solve and advance to the next level.

Brain Wash Levels 1-100

# Answer
Level 1 Drag “first” to green box.
Level 2 Drag black box to white box
Level 3 Place shadow on the lion.
Level 4 Spell cookies with the two cookies.
Level 5 Drag tooth between the two teeth.
Level 6 Drag the white around to form an engle.
Level 7 Wash the whole brain.
Level 8 There is a cat behind the virtical line.
Level 9 Place heart on the dogs butt.
Level 10 Draw a line to the dinosaurs mouth to catch all the donuts.
Level 11 Use loop on the tomb stone.
Level 12 Tap the feather on secont knight from the left.
Level 13 Place the men in correct order. Eat, head, butt and toilet.
Level 14 Pizza + wifi = heart
Level 15 Spin the right “wheel”/hole to the left.
Level 16 allign the red and black lines.
Level 17 France (right flag).
Level 18 Wind him up.
Level 19 Tap cool.
Level 20 Just find the hidden objects.
Level 21 Erase all the lines.
Level 22 spin it around to form a cat.
Level 23 Find the picture. Match the symbols.
Level 24 Your advice. Condom.
Level 25 Match the text to the boxes.

Brain Wash Levels 26-50

# Answer
Level 26 Make “s” to a “v” to spell love.
Level 27 Choose right hats. Hats order: green, purple turban, black, purple painter hat.
Level 28 Spin aroud to form two complete cats.
Level 29 70% engel and 30% devil.
Level 30 Tap anywhere to move ufo-cat. Move around to find the mice.
Level 31 Tap the dove.
Level 32 make the puzzle.
Level 33 Good morning. Remove the bacon.
Level 34 Choose a match. Happy Family, 5.
Level 35 Mind the distance. Move every second down.
Level 36 Place three on left cone and three on right cone.
Level 37 Tap X on bulp.
Level 38 Draw two lines to hit the brain.
Level 39 Fix the calendar. Sad face, neutral face and happy face.
Level 40 What country. Japan.
Level 41 Tap donut to take a bite.
Level 42 Zoom out on big guy to make him smaller.
Level 43 What is missing. Chest on girl and between legs on guy.
Level 44 Find the hidden objects. Do as told.
Level 45 Make them happy. Split the candy.
Level 46 Place door on top of ladder.
Level 47 Your advice. Flower.
Level 48 Grab all the eyes.
Level 49 Use pencel and paint to paint the zebra.
Level 50 flip the coin.

Brain Wash Levels 51-75

# Answer
Level 51 Cut the cat all pink.
Level 52 Tap battery.
Level 53 Use hand to take the money from the pocket.
Level 54 Erase bottom line.
Level 55 Just wait.
Level 56 Zoom in on the watermelon.
Level 57 Move the bulps.
Level 58 Use hand on groin.
Level 59 Hit the head. Drag to the top.
Level 60 Find the picture. Match the symbols a little off.
Level 61 Choose a match. Rainbow, 141.
Level 62 Spell Meow.
Level 63 Use tongue to wipe the glasses.
Level 64 Save the civilian. Move the left guy off the board.
Level 65 Hit zombie with ball.
Level 66 What country. Mexico.
Level 67 Hit the WC.
Level 68 Collect the puzzle. Less is more.
Level 69 Scratch the painting with the pencil
Level 70 Think big. Zoom on big.
Level 71 Find hidden object. Just do as told.
Level 72 Girl + watermelons =
Level 73 Turn key downwards.
Level 74 Scratch everything.
Level 75 Draw vertical line.

Brain Wash Levels 76-100

# Answer
Level 76 Wipe the donut.
Level 77 Cut into 2 equal pieces. Split the finger.
Level 78 Gather the puzzle.
Level 79 Dreams come true. Scratch the thinking bubble.
Level 80 No matter what! Make the hedgehog hug the cactus.
Level 81 Eat them all. Just catch them all – drag around.
Level 82 Align them.
Level 83 Stop the rain. Cut the bars.
Level 84 Wipe the mirror.
Level 85 Cut the barbell.
Level 86 Something went wrong. Drag the missing piece of pizza.
Level 87 Find hidden objects. Use finger in the nose. Keep using it.
Level 88 What is he thinking. Tap thinking bubble.
Level 89 Make salad. Cut the vegatables.
Level 90 Choose a match. Teflon, 30.
Level 91 Finish this tutorial. X, X, check, X
Level 92 Attach the line to the foot.
Level 93 I need a hug. Gather the hands.
Level 94 Let’s read. Fill his head.
Level 95 Find the hidden objects.
Level 96 Create a bridge by drawing a horizontal line.
Level 97 Place both under the pink heart.
Level 98 Align the figures to form a stork with a baby.
Level 99 Wipe the debt.
Level 100 Stach the correct colors. Pink, Purple, black and bottom is empty.

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