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Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories Game Answers and Solutions

Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories Game Answers and Solutions All Puzzle Levels. We have solved all word puzzle levels to help you complete the game.

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Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories Game Answers and Solutions

Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers: You will be tricked!

Brain Test 2 Monster Hunter Joe

Level 21 There it is! Joe must defeat the Dark Lord to stop all monsters
Level 20 Joe caught a monster and he must learn who is their leader
Level 19 So many skeletons, Joe is in trouble
Level 18 More enemies are approaching
Level 17 What a day! Now he must face a troll
Level 16 Shoot the monsters
Level 15 A mummy attacks at Joe
Level 14 Defeat the werewolf
Level 13 Save the woman
Level 12 Joe must get up there to save that woman
Level 11 Now what?! A giant spider

Level 10 Professor Big Brains found a cure. Use it to stop the horde
Level 9 He must drive home to replenish his ammo
Level 8 It is his last bolt. Try to defeat them in I shot
Level 7 He ran out of bolts. Save him
Level 6 Zombies are attacking
Level 5 Hunt down the vampire
Level 4 Doh! The vampire is hiding again
Level 3 Where is a vampire
Level 2 One of them is a vampire in disguise. How to find him
Level 1 The city is under attack by monsters! Joe must wake up

Brain Test 2 Tom’s Adventure

Level 3 It is not fair! Tom wants some fish too
Level 17 How can they pass this hot desert
Level 10 Tom has fallen in love in first sight, help him win her heart
Level 14 They took a wrong flight! They must jump down while they pass above Africa
Level 2 He is looking for something to eat
Level 6 The mouse is hungry, get him some cheese
Level 4 Tom wants the biggest rope ball
Level 12 The plane must go through a dangerous turbulence
Level 24 Watch out! Snakes can smell their fear
Level 1 This is Tom, try to get friendly with him
Level 13 Make this flight a bit more comfortable for them
Level 11 They need a disguise to get on a plane

Level 22 Help them escape
Level 8 They need to cross this alley, but these dogs are dangerous
Level 5 Toms owner is angry that the mouse walks around freely in the house
Level 25 Those bananas were delicious, the gorilla decided to fight for you
Level 23 They need to find an ally
Level 16 Tom must catch this naughty monkey
Level 15 A monkey got Mick, catch him
Level 9 He is very tired, but they must be on their way
Level 26 Here is the King! They must defeat him
Level 18 They are so hungry and that cub is enjoying a juicy meat there
Level 19 Those lions are angry for the cub incident, they must hide
Level 20 The lions are chasing and they must get across
Level 21 These wolves are working for the king too
Level 7 They must escape from the house

Brain Test 2 Naughty Microbes

Level 8 People must do exercise to avoid getting ill
Level 10 He is going to sneeze! Watch Out!
Level 11 Stop these microbes
Level 7 Help them return their homes safely
Level 5 He is so excited for the package outside the door. But be careful about the microbes
Level 6 Time to eat and drink healthy
Level 4 Don’t let him transmit his sickness
Level 2 Help this man take precautions against microbes
Level 3 How to wash hands
Level 9 Oh such a nasty microbe, get rid of it
Level 1 These people are doing something very wrong

Brain Test 2 Emily’s Farm

Level 20 After a long day of farm working, she just wants to watch TV Solutions
Level 11 She needs some help collecting the apples Solutions
Level 6 Help her grow these flowers Answers Solutions
Level 4 This morning is quite chilling! She must get some warmth Answers Solutions
Level 5 There is not enough food for all the cows Answers Solutions
Level 17 It is time to harvest our carrots Solutions
Level 2 The chickens and the dog are hungry Solutions
Level 8 Emily wants these flowers to blossom Solutions
Level 9 Hey! What did I just tell? Stop this please Solutions
Level 10 They must get to their moms Solutions

Level 14 Let’s make some lemonade Solutions
Level 1 Welcome to Emily’s farm. Wake her up and start the day Solutions
Level 3 Find all of the chickens Solutions
Level 13 Emily heard about a rare red squirrel in these woods. Find it! Solutions
Level 16 Time for some rodeo Solutions
Level 18 This sheep wonders what is beyond the farm Solutions
Level 12 She needs some fresh milk Solutions
Level 19 She is so happy to see the snow, but where are the chickens? Solutions
Level 15 She must till the farm, but the tractor is not working Solutions
Level 7 Let’s make a hamburger for lunch Answers Solutions
Level 21 Let’s celebrate Emily’s birthday with an apple cake Solutions

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