Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 1-20 Game Answers

Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 1-20 Game Answers and Solutions. We have solved all puzzle levels to help you complete the game.

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Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 1-20 Game Answers

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Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 1-20 Game Answers

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Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 1-20

Level Answer
#1: Looks like Smith is enjoying his vacation, but something smells fishy. Put crab inside the tree hole.
#2: Smith must catch that man. Use the detector to find the traps.
#3: Smith must interrogate this man. Move Eddie to the tree and hang him upside down.
#4: This is Eddie’s tropical mansion, Smith must drop down there shake your device.
#5: Smith must eliminate these guards Throw bricks at their heads.
#6: Smith must pass through these roofs. Move the brick to the man’s head. He will fall and then jump between the roofs.
#7: Smith is inside, but someone’s coming, hide quickly. Open smith hands as knight and move him into the knight monument.
#8: Smith thinks that there is something hidden in this room. Find the puzzles between the flowers and books. Move to the portrait. A hidden door will open.

Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 9-16

Level Answer
#9: Eddie and Dracula are together! And they caught Joe. Take Smith’s socks and move them to Dracula.
#10: Eddie is escaping with a helicopter. Shoot an arrow at the helicopter. Smith will catch it and fly.
#11: Find a way to stop Eddie. Move Smith to back side of a helicopter. Then will come blood. Move blood to front of helicopter.
#12: Joe must go and help Smith, but he can’t swim. Turn Joe’s hat upside down and move to the sea. It will be like a boat.
#13: They must find a way to stop that shark. Take the fish from the helicopter and place it between Smith and Joe.
#14: This ruckus attracted another sea predator. Turn ruckus around and shake hands with Joe.
#15: hey must find a way to get to the land Take ruckus hands and give to Smith and Joe. They will use them as paddles.
#16: Smith must get into Dracula’s nightclub to uncover his plans Move Joe around vampires and they will follow him. Then Smith can go inside.

Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Level 17-20


Level Answer
#17: Smith must move unnoticed. Put Smith into the barrel. Then move close to the vampire.
#18: oe must divert the vampires to give Smith some time. Open hole and move Joe around. Vampires will turn to bats for a limited time. Then crash them.
#19: Smith found Dracula, but he must find a way to look into his laptop. Give the juice to Dracula he will drink and go to the WC. Then move the bookshelf to the WC door.
#20: Smith must hack into Dracula’s laptop. Solve the puzzle.

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