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Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Level 1-20 Walkthrough

Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Level 1-20 Walkthrough Game Answers and Solutions All Puzzle Levels. We have solved all word puzzle levels to help you complete the game.

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Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Level 1-20 Walkthrough

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Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Level 1-20 Walkthrough

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Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Level 1-20

Level & question Answer
#1: She wants some chips Tap and hold her motorbike, swipe the bike to the shelf twice.
#2: Use her love of chips to make her run Take the chips and move it around the screen to force her to exercise.
#3: Don’t let her use the elevator Tap the bottom button of the lift. When the door opens, take the old man’s stick and place it between the door to block it.
#4: Help her ascend the stairs You have to pull up each step that she steps on, watch the video gameplay to understand.
#5: Her feet are terrible after all that climbing Move the tub under her feet. Open the fridge and pour cold water on her feet.
#6: She is looking for an easy way to burn calories Open the drawer, take the lighter and move it to the word “calories”.
#7: She wants to start doing exercises Move all the stuff to find her ID and her phone. Hand her it.
#8: Let’s begin with the treadmill Keep tapping the treadmill button to make it go faster.
#9: She must stretch her body with pilates Pull her legs and hands to make her stretch.
#10: She must get rid of unhealthy foods in the kitchen Open the fridge and throw all the unhealthy food into the bin, pull her hands up, she is hiding some canned food, throw that away too.

Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Level 11-20

Level & question Answer
#11: Some outdoor exercises will be great Give her the dumbbells, zoom in on the moon. The gravity of the moon helps her lift the dumbbells.
#12: She is walking so slow Move the rocks, open the lock with the golden key. Open the fridge by throwing some rocks at it.
#13: They are so good that it breaks her spirit. Find a solution Add all the weight, move the black thing the weight ball is laying on.
#14: She must follow her trainer’s guidance When the trainer gives a thumbs up, tap her head. When his thumb is down, tap her leg to jump. Follow until she burns some calorie.
#15: She needs some more encouragement Tap main button, tap the Instagram look alike app. Tap “+”, then tap on the like button.
#16: She must maintain her balance Help her keep her balance by pulling one side of her body.
#17: We must find a way to make her dislike ice cream Pull the bag to the left, give her the ice cream.
#18: She mustn’t get to sleep before doing some exercises Tap the button to turn it on, when she dismounts the light bulb, open the drawer and replace the light bulb.
#19: She has become quite fit. Now let’s build some muscles Pull her up to build her muscles.
#20: She has worked hard and established a healthy lifestyle. Time for a reward Open the fridge, put grapes, strawberries, banana and milk in the blender. Give the blender to her.

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