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Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Level 1-20 Walkthrough

Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Level 1-20 Walkthrough Game Answers and Solutions All Puzzle Levels. We have solved all word puzzle levels to help you complete the game.

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Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Level 1-20 Walkthrough

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Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Level 1-20 Walkthrough

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Bad Luck Betty Level 1-20 Walkthrough

Level 1
Q This is Betty, and she wants to go out.
A: Move the banana from the floor. Drag cloth from the table and wipe the water.
Level 2
Q: Her Boat is taking water.
A: Use the bucket to remove the water. Drag the cork type thing from the boat and cover the hole.
Best Test 2 Bad Luck Betty

Level 3
Q: She fell down from the boat, help her.
A: Drag the starfish from the bottom of the sea to the starting part of tentacles.
Level 4
Q: She is drowning, help
A: Give the wood piece to Betty then swipe left and right to avoid the stones.
Level 5
Q: She got on the land but is she breathing?
A: First, hold tap on the frog’s nose. Place close to the girl’s mouth.

Bad Luck Betty Level 6-10 Walkthrough

Level 6
Q: That bear looks angry.
A: Drag the girl under the tree then shake your phone and apple will fell on her head and she will gonna get faint. And bear will gonna think that she’s dead and your level will be passed.
Level 7
Q: We must get rid of this bear.
A: Drag the tree downwards to see a beehive. Move the beehive to the bear.

Level 8
Q: The bear is gone, time to wake her up.
A: Tap the bench 2-3 times to break it. The bird will fly to the girl. Feed berriesto the bird’s. The bird will gonna shit on.
Level 9
Q: What a way to wake up, she must clean her face.
A: First, drag the water near her face to wash it. Use the leaf to wipe her face.
Level 10
Q: She is lost and hungry, give her favorite fruit.
A: Remove the leafes from the tree to see two fruits.

Bad Luck Betty Level 11-20 Walkthrough

Level 11
Q: She found a road.
A: Lift her thumb up by swiping up on her thumb and after that drag the honey from the honeycomb and put it over her hand and bee will gonna bite her thumb and a car will gonna get her.
Level 12
Q: These guys are evil.
A: Before using the brakes put her seatbelt on.
Level 13
Q: She must escape from these guys.
A: Place tree branch near the stone to make it slip. Make her jump.

Level 14
Q: There is a helicopter, but they can’t hear her.
A: Take away the food and they will fight each other. Drag that horn near the girl.
Level 15
Q: Her helicopter crashed on snowy mountains.
A: Use the shovel to get rid of the snow.

Bad Luck Betty Level 16-20 Walkthrough

Level 16
Q: Shen must wake that Eskimo to get help.
A: First, flip your phone to move him. Drag the fish near the flames to cook it.

Level 17
Q: This kind Eskimo will take her to the nearest airport.
A: First, pair the same colored dogs.
Level 18
Q: She must get up from there.
A: First, remove the cloud to find the sun to make the ice cube melt.

Level 19
Q: Get rid of these aliens.
A: First, click the green button three times. Drag the glass to cover the face and drag the wrench near the glass of spaceship two times.
Level 20
Q: She must return to earth.
A: Use gravitation from the planets to carry the spaceship.

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