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Brain Test 2 Agent Smith Level 1-20 Walkthrough

Brain Test 2 Agent Smith Level 1-20 Walkthrough Game Answers and Solutions All Puzzle Levels. We have solved all word puzzle levels to help you complete the game.

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Brain Test 2 Agent Smith Level 1-20 Walkthrough

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Brain Test 2 Agent Smith Level 1-20 Walkthrough

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Agent Smith Level 1-20 Walkthrough

Level 1
Q: Where is Agent Smith.
A: Take up of wardrobe pan and color glasses.
Level 2
Q: He got a package, but it looks suspicious.
A: open safe box and put so fast there packag
Level 3
Q: Let’s investigate the package to get some clues.
A: take No from package, there is 1792.
Level 4
Q: He must drive to no. 1792 Answers and Solutions
A: tap on car when you be close to no.17 2 and take one number 9 from home no. 7999.
Level 5
Q: The house is abandoned! Let’s gather some clues.
A: red circles shows what you need to find.

Agent Smith Level 6-10 Walkthrough

Level 6
Q: It was a trap! There is a bomb in here.
A: move scissors to blue cable between 20-30 sec and to red cable under 20 sec.
Level 7
Q: Back to the office, let’s investigate these objects.
A: put brush to powder and then move to phone, till you see fingers print.
Level 8
Q: All clues point toward a man with baldness and a scar on his eye.
A: A: move fan close to people, last one is whom we are searching for.
Level 9
Q: Smith must catch the man Answers and Solutions
A: open box for control street light and change to green before man will cross the road, car should crush man.
Level 10
Q: Smith found this paper on the man. Decipher it.
A: take all big letters for create EDDIE.

Agent Smith Level 11-20 Walkthrough

Level 11
Q: Smith must interrogate the man to find out who Eddie is.
A: leave shoes from Eddie and use brush for tickling his feets.
Level 12
Q: Smith must infiltrate into Eddie Baddie’s mansion to uncover his plans Answers and Solutions.
A: when first security turn left move Smith to jar then wait till second will turn right. This time put Smith from jar to window.

Agent Smith Level 11-1 Walkthrough

Level 13
Q: Smith must find a way to open that laptop.
A: move candles to left and then shelves will move and you will find safe box. Open it and move to laptop.
Level 14
Q: Smith must hack the computer to log in.
A: connect black buttons and then tap green.
Level 15
Q: Smith is exposed, and he forgot his guns at home.
A: put smith between them and they will kill each other.

Agent Smith Level 16-20 Walkthrough

Level 16
Q: Smith must escape from the mansion.
A: open fence and fast bring from grass wooden and break white car tires.
Level 17
Q: Smith found out that Eddie has planted bombs to a skyscraper’s basement. Find them Answers and Solutions.
A: hit wall same place like we did it.
Level 18
Q: Eddie is trying to escape with a helicopter, stop him.
A: move all building up, when helicopter stop break left keeper.
Level 19
Q: Smith must get down to confront Eddie Answers and Solutions
A: open umbrella, give to Smith and move him to left side.
Level 20
Q: That’s it! The final showdown between Smith and Eddie.
A: put 3 bricks and make a tower back of Smith, when Eddie shoot tilt Smith and wait till ammo turn back to Eddie.

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