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Brain Surfing Level 1-100 Answers (BrainSurfing)

Brain Surfing level 1-100 answers walkthrough solution. We have solved all trivia puzzles to help you complete the riddles and clues for BrainSurfing. Find help below if you are stuck on a level. Beat levels to obtain book buddies.

Brain Surfing walkthrough guide, hints and cheats all levels on one page. Download link: App Store and Google Play.
Brain Surfing Level 1-100 Answers (BrainSurfing)

What the developer Edward Daniels Games / XuDong Qiu say about this trivia puzzle game app:

a new addictive tricky puzzle game which has a series of tricky brain teasers and bring your new brain-burning experience. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience. Let you relax and decompress to exercise your brain.

Brain Surfing Level 1-100 Answers Walkthrough Solution

Enjoy this funny tricky test.

Level 1

Q: Which one is the highest?
A: Answer is Giraffe

Level 2

Q: Find the smallest number!
A: Answer is 592.

Level 3

Q: Which one is closet to us?
A: Answer is Sun.

Level 4

Q: How many pineapples are on the table?
A: Answer is 0.

Level 5

Q: How many puppies are there?
A: Answer is 9.

Level 6

Q: Wake up Jack! It is late.
A: Turn on the alarm in your device.

Level 7

Q: Who will lose.
A: Answer is Crab.

Level 8

Q: Lay eggs.
A: Move the to left then tap the hen.

Level 9

Q: Which hand is most like the one the boy outstretched?
A: The left hand is most like the right hand.

Level 10

Q: Seriously how many stars do you score for this game?
A: Rate 5 star.

Level 11

Q: Help Jack, he forgot to bring an umbrella.
A: move the clouds and open the sun.

Level 12

Q: Help pony cross the river.
A: move the river to the opposite side of pony.

Level 13

Q: Help the bride find the ring.
A: tap every egg until you find the ring.

Level 14

Q: Which direction the finger points.
A: tap left.

Level 15

Q: Find out the bat on the tree.
A: remove the sun from the screen.

Level 16

Q: Click on the three numbers so that they add up to ten.
A: 1+1+8=10.

Level 17

Q: Who should not show up.
A: mouse.

Level 18

A: follow their order.

Level 19

Q: Let the child finish everything.
A: feed the child with everything even word “everything” from text.

Level 20

Q: Click in ascending order.
A: tap by the alphabet.

Level 21

Q: When the third bulb comes on click stop.
A: Tap “stop” in question text.

Level 22

Q: Tap a hamburger above the texts.
A: Move word “texts” below hamburger

Level 23

Q: Let the red car win.

Level 24

Q: Help the bear which is frozen.
A: Move clouds and open sun.

Level 25

Q: Find out the passcode.
A: 70773.

Level 26

Q: Click on the slowest.
A: The slowest car is in the question text.

Level 27

Q: How many apples are there
A: 10.

Level 28

Q: At most move on match to make the equation true.
A: Move your phone upside down to make 11=9+2.

Level 29

Q: A 5 mm thick piece of paper fold few times. How thick is the paper.
A: 0.01.

Level 30

Q: Go to the next level.
A: Remove bulb from hint text to the middle of the screen > tap next.

Level 31

Q: Break all the balloons.
A: Take all balloons to the left side corner and break them.

Level 32

Q: Wake up the bat.
A: remove sun from the screen.

Level 33

Q: Hide the kitten.
A: hide outside the screen.

Level 34

Q: Find out the rules, where is the car parked.
A: move car to find number 5.

Level 35

Q: Jack is looking for toilet, please help.
A: erase skirt from girl on toilet sign.

Level 36

Q: Help Jack with math problem
A: 1+1+12+2+2+23+3+3=47.

Level 37

Q: Find out the stars.
A: shake your phone to see the stars.

Level 38

Q: Tap the fruits from smallest to biggest.
A: choose our order.

Level 39

Q: How many cups have water in them.
A: turn your phone upside down to see 3 cups with water.

Level 40

Q: Click on the playing card N times. N is equal to the number on the playing card.
A: click 6 times.

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