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Brain Puzzle Level 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 Answers

Brain Puzzle Level 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 Answers and solutions walkthrough guide. We have solved all puzzles and questions to help in the game. Think outside the box to solve a level. Find help below if you are stuck on a level.

Brain Puzzle walkthrough guide, hints and cheats all levels on one page. Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge download link: App Store and Google Play.

What the developer GAMEJAM say about the word game app:

Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge is an addictive brain game with all sorts of fun questions that will prove how smart you are! All types of questions for working out all the parts of that big brain of yours! Think outside of the box and play now.

Brain Puzzle Level 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 Answers

Enjoy tons of original puzzles and riddles. Play to see if you are smarter than your friends.

Brain Puzzle Level 129 Answer

Level 129: Align the hand with the can and then click to release the cherry inside the can. Although the lid can appear to block the cherry, it won’t. It’s just an illusion in optics.

Brain Puzzle Level 130 Answer

There are no vowels. Hw mny dys r n wk? The answer is in a week for seven days. To deduce the answer, put the vowels back in that the game was taken out.

Brain Puzzle Level 131 Answer

How long are 28 days for months? They all do it because they all have at least 28 days. The query did not specify 28 days of EXACTLY. To pass the stage, click on the number 12.

Brain Puzzle Level 132 Answer

Catch the match stick again, but this time prepare to fall much faster. Click it as soon as the bottom hand starts to drop.

Brain Puzzle Level 133 Answer

Bob is hungry, so put the seed on the dirt and then move the rain cloud over it, then tap the rain cloud over and over to drop a few drops and eventually create a watermelon, then give Bob the melon.

Brain Puzzle Level 134 Answer

Align her dentures with her mouth to bring Grandma’s teeth in, but the dentures shift even after this point, so you may want to click slightly until they reach full horizontal parallel to the lips.

Brain Puzzle Level 135 Answer

To tickle him, scratch at least one of his armpits slowly and gently and with short scratches when he lifts his arms. Continue to do this until he laughs out.

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