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Brain Puzzle Answers Level 1-247 Solutions Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle answers Level 1-247 solutions walkthrough guide. We have solved all puzzles to help you complete the game and answer all questions. Think outside the box to solve a level. Find help below if you are stuck on a level.

Brain Puzzle walkthrough guide, hints and cheats all levels on one page. Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge download link: App Store and Google Play.
Brain Puzzle Answers

What the developer GAMEJAM say about the word game app:

Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge is an addictive brain game with all sorts of fun questions that will prove how smart you are! All types of questions for working out all the parts of that big brain of yours! Think outside of the box and play now.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 1-247 Solutions Walkthrough

Enjoy tons of original puzzles and riddles. Play to see if you are smarter than your friends.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 1

Which one is the biggest one? > Watermelon.

Brain Puzzle Level 2

Which came first the chicken or the egg? > Egg

Brain Puzzle Level 3

Can you help him duck? > Move the head down.

Brain Puzzle Level 4

Do you want to move to mars? > Tap NO then YES.

Brain Puzzle Level 5

Help Bob get on top of a mountain! > Move mountain below Bob’s feet.

Brain Puzzle Level 6

Catch them all! > Just move the bun to catch them.

Brain Puzzle Level 7

Touch ANYWHERE to continue. > Tap the word ANYWHERE.

Brain Puzzle Level 8

It’s not winter yet! Wake him up! > Tap and shake the beaver to wake him up.

Brain Puzzle Level 9

Find the lightest color on the screen! > Tap white background.

Brain Puzzle Level 10

How can paper beat scissors? > wrap the stone in paper by dragging the paper on the stone.

Brain Puzzle Level 11

Help the chicken cross the road! > Tap and move the road left of chicken.

Brain Puzzle Level 12

Match the card! > Just remember the cards.

Brain Puzzle Level 13

Search > It’s bottom left.

Brain Puzzle Level 14

Discover gravity! Tap and shake tree.

Brain Puzzle Level 15

Help him look good for his date. > Tap front hair to remove it.

Brain Puzzle Level 16

What grade would you give this game? > Click bottom text ” The score is too high to list here”.

Brain Puzzle Level 17

Bob is afraid of bananas. Help him. > Move duck on top of Bob’s head.

Brain Puzzle Level 18

Fix the sink. >
Brain Puzzle Answers

Brain Puzzle Level 19

How many 19’s in question 19? > Answer is 18.

Brain Puzzle Level 20

How big is the universe? > Answer is “I don’t know”.

Brain Puzzle Level 21

I like to eat eat eat… > Shake both fruits to make them disappear.

Brain Puzzle Level 22

Help the old man win! > Just move old man to the finish line.

Brain Puzzle Level 23

Awsenr tihs qseuiotn > “Aihglrt”.

Brain Puzzle Level 24

Make him happy! > Turn your phone upside down

Brain Puzzle Level 25

Find the hidden objects! > Find the objects.
Brain Puzzle Answers

Brain Puzzle Level 26

Pick the biggest number! Answer is 15.

Brain Puzzle Level 27

It is going to rain, how can he not get a hair on his head wet? > Move his hair.

Brain Puzzle Level 28

Put everything in the box > It includes text also.

Brain Puzzle Level 29

Lift those weights! > keep tapping his arm.

Brain Puzzle Level 31

Feed the duck > Make the ducks head longer by moving it towards the apple.

Brain Puzzle Level 32

What’s the number under the tree? > Answer is 39.

Brain Puzzle Level 33

What is the number of the level we skipped? > Answer is 30.

Brain Puzzle Level 34

I am heavy forward, but backward I’m ‘not’. What am I? > Polar bear.

Brain Puzzle Level 35

Find the polar bear! > Almost in the middle.

Brain Puzzle Level 36

Don’t hit the duck. > Don’t tap or shake.

Brain Puzzle Level 37

Tap 37.

Brain Puzzle Level 38

The internet weighs as much as? > Take all feathers from chicken on to the word weighs.

Brain Puzzle Level 39

Rock, paper, scissors? Beat paper! > Move beaver on top of the paper.

Brain Puzzle Level 40

What’s your favorite color? Answer is green.

Brain Puzzle Level 41 Answer

Don’t let him get you sick! > Tap both nostrils.

Brain Puzzle Level 42 Answer

What is this? > Apple. Tap letters in text.

Brain Puzzle Level 43 Answer

Make it stinky! >
Brain Puzzle Answers

Brain Puzzle Level 44 Answer

How many questions so far had backpacks in them? Answer is 2.

Brain Puzzle Level 45 Answer

He is late for work? > Drop the clock from top on to his head.

Brain Puzzle Level 46 Answer

I can’t find my pizza! > Shake tree and it will drop.

Brain Puzzle Level 47 Answer

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, but have you heard of… > Drag tree on the dog.

Brain Puzzle Level 48 Answer

The first word you see describes you. > cool

Brain Puzzle Level 49 Answer

Did you like that last question? Tap ‘better’.

Brain Puzzle Level 50 Answer

Get married! Drag donut on the finger.

Brain Puzzle Level 51 Answer

Don’t touch anything!

Brain Puzzle Level 52 Answer

Help the old man win! > Tap both men to hold them back.

Brain Puzzle Level 53 Answer

Click on the exact middle of mAp? > Tap word ‘map’ on map.

Brain Puzzle Level 54 Answer

Find the treasure map! > Smash egg with stone.

Brain Puzzle Level 55 Answer

Don’t cacth them all! Just some of them… > Don’tr catch non burger stuff.

Brain Puzzle Level 56 Answer

Can you pick the oldest? > Pick nose with finger.

Brain Puzzle Level 57 Answer

What question are we on now? > 57

Brain Puzzle Level 58 Answer

How many zucchinis? > Answer is 0

Brain Puzzle Level 59 Answer

Find the j: Third line right side.

Brain Puzzle Level 60 Answer

Serve it, but don’t eat it! > Place racket on the ball.

Brain Puzzle Level 61 Answer

Your job is to count stars! Answer is B.

Brain Puzzle Level 62 Answer

Put him to sleep…gently. > Tap the beaver’s eyes.

Brain Puzzle Level 63 Answer

High Ten! > Tap the two hands with two fingers at the same time.

Brain Puzzle Level 64 Answer

Make this radio work! > Tap both wires at the same time to make a connection.

Brain Puzzle Level 65 Answer

How many fingers are there? Answer is 8.

Brain Puzzle Level 66 Answer

What’s her number? > Type 55543945102.

Brain Puzzle Level 67 Answer

Jump over the moon. Tap the screen like Flappy Bird.

Brain Puzzle Level 68 Answer

I lost my pizza again… Take feathers from the chicken and the pizza will reveal it self.

Brain Puzzle Level 69 Answer

Click green button 3 times > drag red circles away until one moves > tap green button again.

Brain Puzzle Level 70 Answer

I’m cold again… > tap/shake tree many times. A battery, rock, and paper will drop > tree will turn into logs. Put paper on firewood > battery on firewood > rock on firewood > a fire will start.

Brain Puzzle Level 71 Answer

Copy the pattern! > Click shapes that light in same order they light.

Brain Puzzle Level 72 Answer

“Hit the guys; don’t hit the guys with hats!” Tap guys with no hats.

Brain Puzzle Level 73 Answer

How many stickmen? Answer is 9.

Brain Puzzle Level 74 Answer

It is broken again… Fix the sink.

Brain Puzzle Level 75 Answer

Lift those weights! > tap with your fingers very quickly to lift the acorn.

Brain Puzzle Level 76 Answer

Who is the most handsome/beautiful person to ever play this game? Look closely!. > “me” is the answer.

Brain Puzzle Level 77 Answer

No vowels! Wht th aswe t sx plz thr? > 6 + 3 = 9.

Brain Puzzle Level 78 Answer

Find Bob!!!! > Drag duck left off screen to find Bob.

Brain Puzzle Level 79 Answer

His breath stinks… help him! > Clean his teeth.

Brain Puzzle Level 80 Answer

Can dogs look up. > turn phone up.

Brain Puzzle Level 81 Answer

Fix the sink!

Brain Puzzle Level 82 Answer

Give me a high 25. > tap five hands with 5 fingers at the same time.

Brain Puzzle Level 83 Answer

Do you know any good jokes. > Tap yes.

Brain Puzzle Level 84 Answer

Write the correct answer. > 11

Brain Puzzle Level 85 Answer

Bob is hungry. > place seed in dirt > move rain cloud over it to make it grow.

Brain Puzzle Level 86 Answer

Start a fire! > Make sun behinf the cloud bounce on his head to start the fire.

Brain Puzzle Level 87 Answer

What is missing? > Snow

Brain Puzzle Level 88 Answer

Search. Find the fish. > right bottom.

Brain Puzzle Level 89 Answer

Copy the pattern. Tap shapes that light up.

Brain Puzzle Level 90 Answer

No vowels! Hw mny dys r thr n n wk? 7

Brain Puzzle Level 91 Answer

Protect your buns! avoid all objects except top bun.

Brain Puzzle Level 92 Answer

How many double-digit numbers are there? > 3

Brain Puzzle Level 93 Answer

Find the 0. > Tap 80 in text “Level 80”.

Brain Puzzle Level 94 Answer

I forgot my ATM password! What 6 digits are they? 123456.

Brain Puzzle Level 95 Answer

Land on house number 5. hit start button > stop light on house 5 by clicking the button again.

Brain Puzzle Level 96 Answer

Memorize. > red

Brain Puzzle Level 97 Answer

Lift those weights.

Brain Puzzle Level 98 Answer

Find the donut! > it’s in the box

Brain Puzzle Level 99 Answer

Feed me! Make fire with rocks. Find carrot right of screen.

Brain Puzzle Level 100 Answer

Order them: Lightest to heaviest! > 10,000,000 Ants > 3 shih Tzu dogs > Polar bear on Pluto > The fattest cat on Jupiter.

Brain Puzzle Level 101 Answer

Match the cards! > Remember game.

Brain Puzzle Level 102 Answer

It is too cold! > Scratch the sun.

Brain Puzzle Level 103 Answer

Matchstick puzzle! > Take a stick from + and make 6 a 8.

Brain Puzzle Level 104 Answer

Can you make it hotter in here? > Shake the lava.

Brain Puzzle Level 105 Answer

Make it cooler. > Tap fan quickly

Brain Puzzle Level 106 Answer

Find the happy bee. > Middle left.

Brain Puzzle Level 107 Answer

Copy the pattern! Tap the blinking figures.

Brain Puzzle Level 108 Answer

What color was BLuE? > green

Brain Puzzle Level 109 Answer

Tell us another joke! > tap house twice to “knock knock”.

Brain Puzzle Level 110 Answer

Old people want you to do this! > place all in the “Off zone” to pass.

Brain Puzzle Level 111 Answer

What’s the smallest possible number? > 15

Brain Puzzle Level 112 Answer

Matchstick Puzzle 2. > make first 5 to a 3.

Brain Puzzle Level 113 Answer

Solve this. > 1+1+2+1=22

Brain Puzzle Level 114 Answer

What’s the biggest number you can make with the numbers three, five and seven? > 753

Brain Puzzle Level 115 Answer

if 2=10, 4=210, 6=3210, 8=43210 then 10=1+1 = 2

Brain Puzzle Level 116 Answer

How many Zucchinis? > 0

Brain Puzzle Level 117 Answer

Solve this. > Hint, Turn the 0 into an 8. 7+1=8

Brain Puzzle Level 118 Answer

This is a Tendork profile for the bald-headed guy whose head you have to shine in multiple questions.

Brain Puzzle Level 119 Answer

You heard on a shelf about the elf, but did you hear about Can on a man? Man on a Can is an acceptable answer as well, so put one above the other.

Brain Puzzle Level 120 Answer

2-1 = 1, but the number 1 immediately points to nothing on the screen. Move your hand to locate a digit, then click the finger which holds a 1.

Brain Puzzle Level 121 Answer

Wait until the cherry floats over her mouth to give Grandma a cherry, then click the button to drop the cherry in. If you’re right, you’re going through.

Brain Puzzle Level 122 Answer

Level 122: Push the tree out of the way to find the number under the tree and you will discover the number below it.

Brain Puzzle Level 123 Answer

Level 123: Wait until the point of the needle directly targets the other needle’s eye to string that needle, then tap the screen to thread the needle.

Brain Puzzle Level 124 Answer

Level 124: Stop the cursor on the bar in the red area to cut the piece of wood, but the red area is TINY, so try stopping it just before the red area to cut the wood in half.

Brain Puzzle Level 125 Answer

Level 125: Just copy as given her number. Her number is 555-439-45102, therefore just select 55543945102. Of course, without the dashes, as there are no dashes available.

Brain Puzzle Level 126 Answer

Level 126: The problem is about splitting 30 BY half, not splitting 30 IN half. The findings are very different from each other. You get 60 if you divide 30 by the “1/2” or 0.5 number. Add 10 and you’ll get 70.

Brain Puzzle Level 127 Answer

Level 127: You must be very careful about all the other cars and slide around them. Hit none of them. If you need to split the lane to get in the same lane between two adjacent cars.

Brain Puzzle Level 128 Answer

Rate 128: The basket holds 45 apples in all. If I take 3 out of the bowl, I still have a total of 45 because none of the apples left my land. They’re only in two places – in my hands and in the tub.

Brain Puzzle Level 129 Answer

Level 129: Align the hand with the can and then click to release the cherry inside the can. Although the lid can appear to block the cherry, it won’t. It’s just an illusion in optics.

Brain Puzzle Level 130 Answer

There are no vowels. Hw mny dys r n wk? The answer is in a week for seven days. To deduce the answer, put the vowels back in that the game was taken out.

Brain Puzzle Level 131 Answer

How long are 28 days for months? They all do it because they all have at least 28 days. The query did not specify 28 days of EXACTLY. To pass the stage, click on the number 12.

Brain Puzzle Level 132 Answer

Catch the match stick again, but this time prepare to fall much faster. Click it as soon as the bottom hand starts to drop.

Brain Puzzle Level 133 Answer

Bob is hungry, so put the seed on the dirt and then move the rain cloud over it, then tap the rain cloud over and over to drop a few drops and eventually create a watermelon, then give Bob the melon.

Brain Puzzle Level 134 Answer

Align her dentures with her mouth to bring Grandma’s teeth in, but the dentures shift even after this point, so you may want to click slightly until they reach full horizontal parallel to the lips.

Brain Puzzle Level 135 Answer

To tickle him, scratch at least one of his armpits slowly and gently and with short scratches when he lifts his arms. Continue to do this until he laughs out.

Brain Puzzle Level 136 Answer

Avoid the hand when the needle in the hand is lined up with the stationary needle’s eye to loop the needle. To cope with the slight delay / lag, you might need to click a little early.

Brain Puzzle Level 137 Answer

Recall that the duck reaches out in multiple questions to show who the thief is. So again stretch the duck’s head out to prove the biggest.

Brain Puzzle Level 138 Answer

Adjust 9 + 3=5 to make it true by shifting a matchstick from the plus sign to the left side of the 9, 8-3=5.

Brain Puzzle Level 139 Answer

Another profile of Tendork, this time in red dress for the girl. Perhaps it’s a way for the dev to measure each character’s popularity for future updates.

Brain Puzzle Level 140 Answer

You won’t be able to pull him to the finish line this time to help the old man win again. Instead, tap and hold back the young racers. Hold them until the old man crosses the finish line.

Brain Puzzle Level 141 Answer

To figure out how many fingers are there, move one hand out of the way and show up the other hand. The game says there are 8 because thumbs are not counted as fingers.

Brain Puzzle Level 142 Answer

Brush his teeth with your finger over and over until they are clean to wash his teeth and help him with his stinky breath.

Brain Puzzle Level 143 Answer

Tap the shapes that light up in the order in which they light up to copy the pattern. Tap Reload if the pattern is missing the first time. Every time the pattern changes.

Brain Puzzle Level 144 Answer

Seek to move out of the way the stickmen and you’ll find more stickmen to count behind them. There are 9 stickmen in all.

Brain Puzzle Level 145 Answer

Turn his frown upside down, turn the phone upside down, and the mouth moves to the other side of his head and turns into a smile.

Brain Puzzle Level 146 Answer

In order to find the 0, ignore the Q-filled row and tap the Level 80 0.

Brain Puzzle Level 147 Answer

To raise the weights, tap extremely quickly with several fingers until the acorn is raised and eaten.

Brain Puzzle Level 148 Answer

Rub your finger over and over on his head to shine his head until it becomes shiny.

Brain Puzzle Level 149 Answer

Move the bun out of the way of all the viruses and slimes to cover the buns, then catch the burger on the other side of the bun.

Brain Puzzle Level 150 Answer

Three times hit the green button and it will vanish. Then move out of the way one of the red dots to show again the green button. Tap and you’re going to pass.

Brain Puzzle Level 151 Answer

On the field, there’s a scarf, top hat, sticks and carrot. Looks like the leftovers of Frosty the Snowman, so type “snow,” because this is the real answer.

Brain Puzzle Level 152 Answer

Replace the sink with the following diagram for the third time:

Brain Puzzle Level 153 Answer

What’s sticky and brown? The answer is feces, of course!

Brain Puzzle Level 154 Answer

Tap to hammer the nail, but be even more cautious with the timing when it’s right above the nail. You have to hit it four times in total and you have to restart if you mess up one.

Brain Puzzle Level 155 Answer

Order from the lightest to the heaviest: 10 million ants, 3 shih tzu dogs, Pluto’s polar bear, and Jupiter’s fatest cat.

Brain Puzzle Level 156 Answer

Bob fears bananas. Place the tree or the duck before him to conceal the banana from him to support him.

Brain Puzzle Level 157 Answer

Swipe left and right with your car to avoid hitting the other cars to steer around the other cars and avoid hitting them.

Brain Puzzle Level 158 Answer

Which fruit has low cyanide doses? It’s apples in the seeds that contain cyanide.

Brain Puzzle Level 159 Answer

Stretch up the duck’s neck until the apple in the tree can be reached.

Brain Puzzle Level 160 Answer

In this issue, there are no potato guys.

Brain Puzzle Level 161 Answer

Turn your phone upside down to find the donut and the donut is going to fall out of the bag.

Brain Puzzle Level 162 Answer

Ignore all the remaining formulas. 2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 3=11 That’s right.

Brain Puzzle Level 163 Answer

To keep him from getting you sick, cover his nose with two of your fingers to stop the sick air from getting on you from his nose.

Brain Puzzle Level 164 Answer

The numbers 8, 3, 3, and 3 are 17.

Brain Puzzle Level 165 Answer

Place one finger on the split end of the radio wire and the other finger on the broken end of the battery wire to make the device work. The body is working electricity.

Brain Puzzle Level 166 Answer

Flip the phone upside down and the dog’s ears will glance up on the camera to make the dog look up.

Brain Puzzle Level 167 Answer

Tap quickly until the alarm clock rises to the top to make it so that it’s not late for work, then let go to drop it on his head and wake him up.

Brain Puzzle Level 168 Answer

Put all the items in, plus the query, plus the amount, to put everything in the box. You have to put everything practically in the bag.

Brain Puzzle Level 169 Answer

She’s not fond of you. So swipe her up to send her off soaring and keep the house, ride, and cake.

Brain Puzzle Level 170 Answer

To give the hands 25 or 5 high fives at a time, press the hands with 5 fingers at a time to top 5 of them all. Using two or more hands if necessary.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 171 Answer

Then take the hammer to make a diamond ring and strike the rock to make a gem. Move out of the way to make a flat donut the pink donut glaze. Then place the diamond to make a diamond ring on top of the flat donut.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 172 Answer

To capture just a few of the falling objects, grab the burger bun and only catch the belongings on a plate. Remove the viruses and other things that look like illnesses.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 173 Answer

Even the penguin is too cold to warm it up, rub the sun with your finger until it gets thawed out and the penguin gets warm again.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 174 Answer

Change the 6 + 4=4 to 8-4=4, making the equation true by moving one matchestick from the first plus sign to the right side of the 6.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 175 Answer

Drag the tennis racket into the “off zone” or keep the loud noise out of here. Old people want you to “take that racket off zone.”

Brain Puzzle Level 176 Answer

Protect your buns.

Brain Puzzle Level 177 Answer

Make him cooler. Put sunglasses on.

Brain Puzzle Level 178 Answer

Panda or platymus. Which one has 6 toes > Panda.

Brain Puzzle Level 179 Answer

Get her to like you. Give her money, cake and house – everything.

Brain Puzzle Level 180 Answer

Make a diamond. Hit object multiple times with the hand.

Brain Puzzle Level 181 Answer

Cool it down. Combine wood > place drop on fire > use cloud on sun.

Brain Puzzle Level 182 Answer

Give me high 25. Hit 5 hands.

Brain Puzzle Level 183 Answer

Solve this. Make 9 into 3 and 5 into 6.

Brain Puzzle Level 184 Answer

Unlock the door. Hot the key hole.

Brain Puzzle Level 185 Answer

Behind the guy. Tap him.

Brain Puzzle Level 186 Answer

Memorize. Which animal did not apear? Dog

Brain Puzzle Level 187 Answer

Old people want to do this. Place racket in off zone.

Brain Puzzle Level 188 Answer

Line up. The thief is the tallest. Prove it. Extend ducks head.

Brain Puzzle Level 189 Answer

Matchstick puzzle. Turn 6 into 0. take stick from +.

Brain Puzzle Level 190 Answer

Q: Pimp grandmas’s grill, yo!
A: Keep hammering the stone to get a diamond.

Brain Puzzle Level 191 Answer

Q: What is this?
A: Dr. Tomato

Brain Puzzle Level 192 Answer

Q: Do some jumping jacks!
A: Keep tapping Dr. Tomato – 4/4.

Brain Puzzle Level 193 Answer

Q: What is this?
A: Gary groundhog.

Brain Puzzle Level 194 Answer

Q: Bounce it!
A: Make sure the donut hits his stomach 6 times.

Brain Puzzle Level 195 Answer

Q: Do some jumping jacks!
A: Keep tapping him.

Brain Puzzle Level 196 Answer

Q: Bounce it!
A: Bounce it on tomato.

Brain Puzzle Level 197 Answer

Q: What is this?
A: Cupcake and chicken.

Brain Puzzle Level 198 Answer

Q: Protect mars.
A: A rock will come from the right. Make goat hit the rock away.

Brain Puzzle Level 199 Answer

A: Platypus

Brain Puzzle Level 200 Answer

Q: Make a plain grilled cheese sandwich.
A: Light the match > grill the cheese > place it between the buns.

Brain Puzzle Level 201 Answer

Q: Broken robot needs new batteries!
A: Get robot to the battery.

Brain Puzzle Level 202 Answer

Q: Catch some of them.
A: Catch all eatable things.

Brain Puzzle Level 203 Answer

Q: Drag them! Sort them!
A: Drag the animals where they belong.

Brain Puzzle Level 204 Answer

Q: Which one doesn’t fit in?
A: Moon

Brain Puzzle Level 205 Answer

Q: Shake and catch.
A: Catch all apples in the box.

Brain Puzzle Level 206 Answer

Q: Shoot hair at the bald guy.
A: Give him hair on the head.

Brain Puzzle Level 207 Answer

Q: Tap the notes when they land in the right spot.
A: Tap notes when they hot the bottom lines.

Brain Puzzle Level 208 Answer

Q: Sort them.
A: Only shark goes to the right.

Brain Puzzle Level 209 Answer

Q: Which one doesn’t fit in?
A: Duck

Brain Puzzle Level 210 Answer

Q: Broken Robot. Error.
A: Robot cannot hit the walls.

Brain Puzzle Level 211 Answer

Q: Tap the notes.
A: Tap at bottom.

Brain Puzzle Level 212 Answer

Q: Skake and catch.
A: Catch only happy animals 🙂

Brain Puzzle Level 213 Answer

Q: Which one doesn’t fit in?
A: Chameleon

Brain Puzzle Level 214 Answer

Q: Sort them!
A: Tap word ‘Tap Play’ > sort images according to images shown.

Brain Puzzle Level 215 Answer

Q: Tap the notes.
A: Catch all Music notes > tap on the Lines.

Brain Puzzle Level 216 Answer

Q: Shoot hair at the bald guy.
A: Tap screen until level is solved.

Brain Puzzle Level 217 Answer

Q: Which one doesn’t fit in?
A: Cat

Brain Puzzle Level 218 Answer

Q: Shake and catch!
A: Catch all things by with Box.

Brain Puzzle Level 219 Answer

Q: Shoot hair at the bald guy!
A: Tap screen until level is solved

Brain Puzzle Level 220 Answer

Q: Which one doesn’t fit in?
A: Bald Head

Brain Puzzle Level 221 Answer

Q: Bro Broken Robot
A: Move Robot. Right arrow = moves down. Left Arrow = move up. Down Arrow = move left. Arrow up= move right.

Brain Puzzle Level 222 Answer

Q: Make a diamond ring!
A: Move Hammer to Rock > remove dressing of donut > move diamond to donut.

Brain Puzzle Level 223 Answer

Q: Booger everyone except Bob!
A: Move green towards pictures except boy.

Brain Puzzle Level 224 Answer

Q: Put the hat on the cat! HARD MODE!
A: Fix Hat for cat.

Brain Puzzle Level 225 Answer

Q: Put a cherry on the tiny bun!
A: Tap screen when cherry reaches bun.

Brain Puzzle Level 226 Answer

Q: Matchstick puzzle! vi-i = vi
A: Move matchstick from answer to fire. Create roman letter from 6 to 5.

Brain Puzzle Level 227 Answer

Q: Lift those weights!
A: Keep tapping with all fingers until level is solved.

Brain Puzzle Level 228 Answer

Q: Hammer the nail all the way in!
A: Tap screen until level is solved.

Brain Puzzle Level 229 Answer

Q: Order them: Lightest to heaviest!
A: Ant > dog > Polar bear > the fattest cat on Jupiter.

Brain Puzzle Level 230 Answer

Q: How can the number 4 be half of 5?
A: Move V.

Brain Puzzle Level 231 Answer

Q: Pretty tough! iv-i = iv
A: Move matchstick from Question. To make roman letter from 4 to 5

Brain Puzzle Level 232 Answer

Q: Protect the pancakes!
A: Tap insects 6 times without touching the pancakes.

Brain Puzzle Level 233 Answer

Q: Pull the hairs!
A: Pull the tip of each hair.

Brain Puzzle Level 234 Answer

Q: Don’t step on them!
A: Tap the screen when the Tomoto reaches the leg.

Brain Puzzle Level 235 Answer

Q: Avoid the diapers!
A: Escape the duck from the diapers by moving him.

Brain Puzzle Level 236 Answer

Q: Calculate 3 in 2 steps!
A: Tap +1 –> +2

Brain Puzzle Level 237 Answer

Q: Make breakfast!
A: Tap the chicken to make eggs come out. Move matchstick to the logs. Move egg to the fire.

Brain Puzzle Level 238 Answer

Q: Protect the pancakes!
A: Tap insects 8 times without touching the pancakes.

Brain Puzzle Level 239 Answer

Q: Protect the pancakes!
A: Tap insects 10 times without touching the pancakes

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 240 Answer

Q: Pull the hairs!
A: Pull the tip of each hair.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 241 Answer

Q: Pull the hairs!
A: Pull tip of each hair

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 242 Answer

Q: Don’t step on them!
A: Tap screen when Tomoto reaches the Leg.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 243 Answer

Q: Avoid the diapers!
A: Escape the duck from the diapers by moving it.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 244 Answer

Q: Calculate 10 in 4 steps!
A: 2x2x2+2

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 245 Answer

Q: Don’t step on them!
A: Tap screen when Tomoto reaches the Leg.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 246 Answer

Q: Calculate 15 in 3 steps!
A: The answer is 2×10-5.

Brain Puzzle Answers Level 247 Answer

Q: Avoid the diapers!
A: Move duck around to escape the diapers.

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