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Brain Out Beat Virus Level 1-10 Answers

Brain Out Beat Virus Level 1-10 answers and solutions all game challenge puzzles. Find help below if you are stuck. We have solved all trivia levels for you. Think outside the box to answer the questions and riddles.

Brain Out Beat Virus Level 1-10 Answers
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Brain Out Beat Virus Level 1-10 Answers

Fun trivia questions. Test your mind with the triple test of EQ, IQ and dumbfounded challenge. We are here to help you. Remember to support the developers.

Level 1

Q: How to remove the mask correctly.
A: Avoid contact with the face or the mask. Slide the ear ropes without touching them.

Level 2

Q: Which mask can prevent the virus?
A: The mask is hidden. Move all the masks to find the hidden mask, tap it.

Level 3

Q: Check if it is worn correctly.
A: Rotate his mask as it is worn on the wrong side.

Level 4

Q: How to avoid virus attacks.
A: Drag the kid to his house so that he gets safe.

Level 5

Q: Beat the virus.
A: Use the white blood cell to eat each virus from the smallest to the largest.

Level 6

Q: How to remove the virus in your hand.
A: Move the fire out of the screen and use the sterilizer on the hands to remove the virus.

Level 7

Q: Put on a mask for people outside.
A: There are two masks on the ground. Use them on two people. Place rest inside the house right side of the screen just swipe to find it.

Level 8

Q: What’s the first thing to do after taking the elevator home?
A: Move the kid to the sink and then click on the soap.

Level 9

Q: How to deal with the mask after use.
A: Swipe left. Awoid trash can on the right side of the screen. Throw the mask inside of it.

Level 10

Q: How to better prevent the virus at home.
A: Drag the glass of water to the girl and slide the window to open it up.

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