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Brain King IQ Crush Level 1-100 Answers Game Walkthrough

Brain King IQ Crush Level 1-100 Answers Game Walkthrough and solutions All Levels. Complete guide to all puzzles and riddles. We help you solve puzzles. Tips, hints and cheats to all levels.

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Brain King IQ Crush Level 1-100 Answers Game Walkthrough

What the developer Adevote Interactive say about the puzzle game app:

It’s too difficult for ordinary people. As you may know, I often cry because others are so stupid. Our game community gets the same feeling, btw.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 1-100 Answers Game Walkthrough

Tips: The most obvious answer is usually wrong.
Brain King Level 1
Q: Please click the fruits in the order from smallest to largest.
A: pumpkin is largest.
Brain King Level 2
Q: Let’s destroy this nasty fly.
A: drag fly to his mouth/nose.
Brain King Level 3
Q: One of the dogs below is different, try to find him.
A: Move dogs to find the little brown dog.
Brain King Level 4
Q: Oh my goodness. Medusa is trying to kill you.
A: Move pan to reveal the mirror > place mirror in front of her face.
Brain King Level 5
Q: Find a way to get through this level.
A: NEXT button is under ‘Tap me’. Move ‘Tap me’ button > tap NEXT.
Brain King Level 6
Q: Find the two identical expressions and match them in 5 seconds.
A: Match identical expressions.
Brain King Level 7
Q: Click to go to the next level.
A: Move mouse down > click right button on mouse.
Brain King Level 8
Q: Shirley ate to much candy and her teeth hurt. Let’s try and help her.
A: Take lens from table > place on her teeth > move new teeth upward.
Brain King Level 9
Q: Find the ladybug.
A: Move books to find the glasses > tap the ladybug on the flower
Brain King Level 10
Q: Please calculate the answer.
A: 25

Level 11-15

Brain King Level 11
Q: Please rate this game.
A: Press 5.
Brain King Level 12
Q: Um, same question as before. I huess. Never mind, just find which of the dogs is different.
A: Shake device.
Brain King Level 13
Q: Look at the pile of pens here and find the third one from the bottom.
Q: Answer is 4.
Brain King Level 14
Q: Richard lost his wallet. Let’s think of a way to cheer him up.
A: Turn device down to see his happy face.
Brain King Level 15
Q: Please combine the maximum values.
A: Click two times on ‘0’ to create infinity.

Level 16-20

Brain King Level 16
Q: Find the heart.
A: Create a heart with the two red objects > tap it.
Brain King Level 17
Q: Please help me turn off the lights, thank you.
A: Move bulb down to turn off light.
Brain King Level 18
Q: Click the blue button 3 times.
A: Move red button up > find blue button > tap it three times.
Brain King Level 19
Q: Smoking is bad for your health.
A: Extinguish cigarette with three fingers.
Brain King Level 20
Q: Click on the cards in order.
A: Ace, 4, 7, 10, king.

Level 21-25

Brain King Level 21
Q: Wake up this owl.
A: Move sun outside of screen then tap on the owl
Brain King Level 22
Q: The picture below has several black spots.
A: 0
Brain King Level 23
Q: Help me figure out what this password should be.
A: 70773
Brain King Level 24
Q: Which of the following is farthest from us?
A: Pencil.
Brain King Level 25
Q: Richard accidently went into the girl’s bathroom. Where should the girls cover themselves?
A: Hide his eyes

Level 26-30

Brain King Level 26
Q: Another easy question here, please calculate the answer.
A: tap 26 in text.
Brain King Level 27
Q: try again, calculate the answer.
A: 14
Brain King Level 28
Q: Click on the correct picture below according to the pattern.
A: Dog, girl, pumkin, sheep, tree, watermelon.
Brain King Level 29
Q: Who is the tallest.
A: The answer is sun.
Brain King Level 30
Q: Find the circle.
A: Tap small dot after word ‘circle’.

Level 31-35

Brain King Level 31
Q: Richard is surrounded by sharks. Let’s go save him
A: Wipe his ‘dream’ to remove it.
Brain King Level 32
Q: Same question as before. How many black spots do you see?
A: 1
Brain King Level 33
Q: Calculate this formula 2sinxtanx/2ntanx = ?
A: 6
Brain King Level 34
Q: What time is it now?
A: What’s the time on your phone – real time.
Brain King Level 35
Q: Help the ducklings to get to the exit.
A: Take shortcut outside maze

Level 36-40

Brain King Level 36
Q: One of the young ladies below is a bit different from the others.
A: Turn your phone face-down -> tap a different one
Brain King Level 37
Q: Ricard is losing sleep. Please help him
A: Tap on another animal to stop them, only sheeps can cross.
Brain King Level 38
Q: Another easy question here. Please calculate the answer. 1=4, 2=10, 3=19, 4=?
A: Answer is 1.
Brain King Level 39
Q: Use your brain and complete the equation. 101-102=1.
A: Turn 102 to 10^2 .
Brain King Level 40
Q: Find the things you can’t eat.
A: Move duck -> tap on the item under the duck.

Level 41-45

Brain King Level 41
Q: Which bottle is coke.
A: Shake your phone to find out.
Brain King Level 42
Q: Which color takes up the most space?
A: Answer is white.
Brain King Level 43
Q: How many triangles are there below.
A: Answer is 24
Brain King Level 44
Q: What number is the car parked at?
A: Answer is 12.
Brain King Level 45
Q: Count how many hairs there are.
A: Answer is 4.
Level 46-50
Brain King Level 46
Q: Get the baby to fall asleep.
A: Shake your phone slowly. It’s like rocking a baby.
Brain King Level 47
Q: Put everything into the fridge.
A: Move everything to fridge – including question text.
Brain King Level 48
Q: Mix the green and blue together.
A: Tap and hold the cover or tip of the tube, then shake your phone.
Brain King Level 49
Q: There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If ‘E’ and ‘T’ leave, how many letters are left?
A: Answer is 21.
Brain King Level 50
Q: Today is Jack’s second birthday. Please help him light his birthday candles.
A: Burn the middle one -> tilt phone to the left.

Level 51-55

Brain King Level 51
Q: Combine to the smallest value.
A: Answer is 111.
Brain King Level 52
Q: Tap anywhere to continue.
A: Tap word ‘anywhere’.
Brain King Level 53
Q: Find the torch.
A: Use cone + cup from pudding to form a torch. Place fire on top.
Brain King Level 54
Q: How can the boat be capsized?
A: Just scratch fast on the pigs.
Brain King Level 55
Q: Make this cat happy.
A: Drag the clew around the cat.

Level 56-60

Brain King Level 56
Q: The bee is chasing Richard, help him.
A: Place flower on the bee.
Brain King Level 57
Q: Use the same number to form an equation.
A: 8 is the answer.
Brain King Level 58
Q: Tap the yellow, green and red Marmot 10 times each in order.
A: Just as told. The colors will switch.
Brain King Level 59
Q: The line for the ATM machine is so long. What can you do?
A: Line green, blue, blue, blue, red, red, red. The line will then disappear.
Brain King Level 60
Q: Which flower is the biggest..
A: The one in the lower left corner.

Level 61-65

Brain King Level 61
Q: It’s morning, time for the baby to get up and drink milk.
A: Keep taping middle of clock until baby wakes up. Give the baby milk.
Brain King Level 62
Q: My walking stick is broken. Can you fix it for me.
A: Take the lamp beside the house. Move the tree first.
Brain King Level 63
Q: Help the kitty get the fish.
A: Lower the water.
Brain King Level 64
Q: Park the car in the parking lot.
A: Drag the car to the parking lot.
Brain King Level 65
Q: Today is Richard’s 18th birthday. Help him get his presents.
A: Answer is 20011211.

Level 66-70

Brain King Level 66
Q: Richard wants to eat a pear. Help him.
A: Shake device.
Brain King Level 67
Q: Find the differences between the two pictures below.
A: Boys head, lower right corner, top left corner, girls right hand, and right and left of girls head.
Brain King Level 68
Q: How can we share the 3 apples equally.
A: Move them out of the screen to make it possible.
Brain King Level 69
Q: Find all the items.
A: Robot, books, boy, right teddy bear, bottom left, bottom car, cola.
Brain King Level 70
Q: Tap the birds 10 times.
A: Do as told.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 71-80

Brain King Level 71
Q: Stop raining!.
A: Rotate screen 180 degrees.
Brain King Level 72
Q: Richard has a really bad eyesight. Can you help him?.
A: Rub his eyes to make them clear.
Brain King Level 73
Q: Find the marble.
A: 10x times > remove 0 from 10 > click on the start button.
Brain King Level 74
Q: The kid just wet his pants, it’s embrassing. What should we do?
A: Take handkerchief and put it on his face.
Brain King Level 75
Q: I lost a thumbtack, help me find it.
A: Drag magnet to the thumbtack word > the thumbtack is now on the magnet.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 76-80

Brain King Level 76
Q: how many pears are there on the tree?
A: Shake your phone > 8 is the answer.
Brain King Level 77
Q: keep the scale balanced.
A: Remove everything to keep the balance.
Brain King Level 78
Q: It’s cold, let’s start a fire.
A: Move the pencil shaped wood onto the horizontal wood > swipe the pencil fast to start a fire.
Brain King Level 79
Q: Give the cat a bath.
A: Move the cat to the bathtub > give the cat food from the left box.
Brain King Level 80
Q: How can you make these batteries have the same power?
A: Remove everything from the batteries.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 81-85

Brain King Level 81
Q: How to keep the dog away from the sausage?
A: Move the sausage to the boy’s mouth.
Brain King Level 82
Q: Find the donut.
A: Make a donut by dragging all the things.
Brain King Level 83
Q: Raise the elevator.
A: Swipe up the word ‘elevator’.
Brain King Level 84
Q: Cage the dog.
A: Drag the dog food to the cage.
Brain King Level 85
Q: At which level did the elevator in the previous level stop at?
A: Answer is 5.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 86-90

Brain King Level 86
Q: Tap the buttons in the order from small to large.
A: Memorize the numbers. The order is 7-18-23-28-34-55-62.
Brain King Level 87
Q: Find the differences between the two pictures below?
A: Check the given image.
Brain King Level 88
Q: Which is the longest line?
A: Place the phone upside down and tap the largest.
Brain King Level 89
Q: Open the treasure chest.
A: Swipe up the box with two fingers.
Brain King Level 90
Q: Which balloon is the hardest!
A: Move the exclamation mark to all the bubbles.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 91-95

Brain King Level 91
Q: Which level is the highest the previous elevator can reach?
A: Answer is 10.
Brain King Level 92
Q: Which cup is the largest?
A: Rub the dress of all girls and tap the girl with big boobs.
Brain King Level 93
Q: Count again, how many hair strands are there?
A: Answer is 22
Brain King Level 94
Q: Form a hanger.
A: Make a hanger with the given things.
Brain King Level 95
Q: What’s in between Canada and Mexico?
A: Answer is ‘and’ on the question.

Brain King IQ Crush Level 96-100

Brain King Level 96
Q: Find the following items.
A: Check the given image.
Brain King Level 97
Q: Draw the answer in the last box after finding a pattern.
A: Check the given image.
Brain King Level 98
Q: Remember this button and tap it.
A: Tap the word ‘it’.
Brain King Level 99
Q: What number should the question mark be?
A: Answer is 6.
Brain King Level 100
Q: How can I keep the boat from capsizing?
A: Rub the cats.
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