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Brain Crack Answers and Solutions All Levels

Brain Crack Answers Answers Levels 1-200 Game Solutions. We have solved all puzzles to help you complete the app. Hundreds of questions & answers across multiple topics.

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What the developer TerranDroid say about this game app:

How high is your IQ? Is your brain big enough? Solve all tricky questions and see if you’re smarter than your friends!

Brain Crack Answers Answers Levels 1-200 Game Solutions

Unexpected game answers to the tricky quizzes and riddles.

Brain Crack Answers Level 1-20

Level 1:
Q: Which one is the smallest?
Level 2:
Q: How many cows?
Level 3:
Q: Which one is the deepest?
Level 4:
Q: Which bulb is defective?
Level 5:
Q: How many stars would yo give us?

Level 6:
Q: Form a triangle.
Level 7:
Q: Find the biggest water-drop!
Level 8:
Q: Find out the heaviest one.
Level 9:
Q: What’s your number when you passed the NO. 2?
Level 10:
Q: Move one card to make the equation right.

Level 11:
Q: Which one is not a fruit?]
Level 12:
Q: Get them to bed
Level 13:
Q: Find the smallest number on the screen!
Level 14:
Q: Put out the fire.
Level 15:
Q: I’m freezing! Help me!

Level 16:
Q: Hit the gopher!
Level 17:
Q: Go to the moon.
Level 18:
Q: Make a correction!
Level 19:
Q: Find the icecream.
Level 20:
Q: Be the first one to burst the balloon!

Brain Crack Answers Level 21-40

Level 21:
Q: Where is my baseball?
Level 22:
Q: Wake up the kid.
Level 23:
Q: Put out the fire!
Level 24:
Q: How many candies are inside after you put 3 candies in?
Level 25:
Q: Stop the rain!

Level 26:
Q: How many cuts do you need to get 8 equal pieces?
Level 27:
Q: Hit the baseball!
Level 28:
Q: I want a fresh apple.
Level 29:
Q: Help him to reach the peak!
Level 30:
Q: Turn on all the lights.
Level 31:
Q: Find 10 fishes.
Level 32:
Q: Turn on this old TV.
Level 33:
Q: Find the oasis.
Level 34:
Q: Find the soda!
Level 35:
Q: Go home.

Level 36:
Q: Help him out!
Level 37:
Q: Pick three number that add up to 15.
Level 38:
Q: Tap everything to win.
Level 39:
Q: Kill the fish
Level 40:
Q: Control the spider to get the candy.

Brain Crack Answers Level 41-60

Level 41:
Q: The:is?
Level 42:
Q: Stop the rain.
Level 43:
Q: Eliminate those flies.
Level 44:
Q: Press the button to pass this
Level 45:
Q: Which cup has the most of water?

Level 46:
Q: Move 1 stick to make the smallest number.
Level 47:
Q: What’s the right letter after ‘G’?
Level 48:
Q: What’s the number under the question mark?
Level 49:
Q: Head or tail?
Level 50:
Q: Collect each coins.

Level 51:
Q: Count the red squares!
Level 52:
Q: Where is my phone?
Level 53:
Q: How many cuts do you need to get 4 equal parts?
Level 54:
Q: Click the button with the same color as shown.
Level 55:
Q: How to become wealthy?

Level 56:
Q: Which color has the largest proportion?
Level 57:
Q: Which one could be the 6th clock?
Level 58:
Q: Take out the small ball.
Level 59:
Q: Heat it up!]
Level 60:
Q: Catch the mouse.

Brain Crack Answers Level 61-80

Level 61:
Q: Can you find ‘f’.
Level 62:
Q: Find words: cloud bird peel cat dog key shoe
Level 63:
Q: We need a trashcan!
Level 64:
Q: What’s the next digit?
Level 65:
Q: Press three buttons.

Level 66:
Q: If you turn the bottle upside down, how much water will be left?
Level 67:
Q: Find out the biggest number.
Level 68:
Q: Clean the wall.
Level 69:
Q: How to get rid of seasick?
Level 70:
Q: Make the equation true with one move.

Level 71:
Q: Where is my ring?
Level 72:
Q: What’s the sum of the three largest numbers?
Level 73:
Q: Buy the following items: egg banana brownie muffin
Level 73:
Q: Go home again.
Level 74:
Q: The password is?
Level 75:
Q: Unlock it

Level 76:
Q: Stop at six.
Level 77:
Q: What’s the perimeter of the white part?
Level 78:
Q: Which card is similar to shades k?
Level 79:
Q: Make the equation true.
Level 80:
Q: Avoid being hit!

Brain Crack Answers Level 81-100

Level 81:
Q: Find the patten to solve the problem
Level 82:
Q: Put three figures into the right place.
Level 83:
Q: Find 3 differences between two gentlemen.
Level 84:
Q: How many tires?
Level 85:
Q: Find the thrum.

Level 86:
Q: Catch the moon.
Level 87:
Q: Pass this Level.
Level 88:
How many squares?
Level 89:
Q: Shoot 5 balls to the end.
Level 90:
Q: If A=L, BC=MN, DEF=OPO,G=R, L=?
Level 91:
Q: Get the treasure.

Level 91:
Q: Move 3 sticks to form 5 triangles.
Level 92:
Q: Where is the chair?
Level 93:
Q: Melt the ice.
Level 94:
Q: Find the fake star.
Level 95:
Q: Win this game!

Level 96:
Q: Open it up!
Level 97:
Q: Move 3 sticks to change 5 squares into 4.
Level 98:
Q: Which letter should be put in?
Level 99:
Q: Which penguin is not hungry?
Level 100:
Q: Turn on light!

Brain Crack Answers Level 101-120

Level 101:
Q: Which one is the most important for Superhero?
Level 102:
Q: Pull the chest-explander.
Level 103:
Q: How many french fries in the bag?
Level 104:
Q: I need two napkins please!
Level 105:
Q: Where is my phone?

Level 106:
Q: Tap the button 20 times then click ok.
Level 107:
Q: Boil the water
Level 108:
Q: How to heat up a pizza without oven?
Level 109:
Q: Please watering the land!
Level 110:
Q: Turn on the fan

Level 111:
Q: How to eat the mango without opening the lid?
Level 112:
Q: Match each pairs!
Level 113:
Q: What is odd here?
Level 114:
Q: Which logo is it?
Level 115:
Q: Who has a date?

Level 116:
Q: Find the correct shadow
Level 117:
Q: What is the first thing you do when you get up?
Level 118:
Q: Correct the hats!
Level 119:
Q: Which logo is it?
Level 120:
Q: Who is rich?

Brain Crack Answers Level 121-140

Level 121:
Q: Connect each pairs!
Level 122:
Q: Turn on the light!
Level 123:
Q: Put out the fire
Level 124:
Q: Match each pairs!
Level 125:
Q: Connect each pairs!

Level 126:
Q: Defuse the bomb
Level 127:
Q: Is this a man or a woman?
Level 128:
Q: Help him out!
Level 129:
Q: Find the hidden objects!
Level 130:
Q: Who is in a hurry?

Level 131:
Q: Escape the room with the key!
Level 132:
Q: Open the safe
Level 133:
Q: Match each pairs!
Level 134:
Q: Find the “shark”!
Level 135:
Q: Open the coke!
Level 135:
Q: Who stole her phone?

Level 136:
Q: Which logo is it?
Level 137:
Q: Check your eyesight.
Level 138:
Q: Connect each pairs!
Level 139:
Q: Who is lying?
Level 140:
Q: Which country is it?

Brain Crack Answers Level 141-160

Level 141:
Q: Who is killer?
Level 142:
Q: Find the hidden objects!
Level 143:
Q: Which piece is correct?
Level 144:
Q: Help to serve the correct dishes!
Level 145:
Q: Find the “donkey”!

Level 146:
Q: Find the hidden objects!
Level 147:
Q: Which country is it?
Level 148:
Q: Who is not a human?
Level 149:
Q: Match each pairs!
Level 150:
Q: Connect each pairs!

Level 151:
Q: Match the landmark!
Level 152:
Q: Save yourself!
Level 153:
Q: Complete the word!
Level 154:
Q: Help the bear with fishing!
Level 155:
Q: Fill in all the building blocks.

Level 156:
Q: Which one would you choose?
Level 157:
Q: Put everyone on the boat!
Level 158:
Q: Calm the dog down.
Level 159:
Q: Which one is not the real icecream?
Level 160:
Q: Select the proper pictures to match the word below!

Brain Crack Answers Level 161-180

Level 161:
Q: Count the teeth.
Level 162:
Q: Where is the hook?
Level 163:
Q: She gotta sleep!
Level 164:
Q: Do you know the answer?
Level 165:
Q: Select the proper picture to match the word below!

Level 166:
Q: Connect each pairs
Level 167:
Q: Where is he going?
Level 168:
Q: My rabbit should go on a diet.
Level 169:
Q: Select the proper picture to match the word below!
Level 170:
Q: Which room is not occupied?

Level 171:
Q: Keep the dog inside!
Level 172:
Q: Which balloon contains hydrogen?
Level 173:
Q: Which one is the men’s room?
Level 174:
Q: Steal the banana!
Level 175:
Q: Which cup has water?

Level 176:
Q: Who owns this diamond?
Level 177:
Q: Which piece is missing?
Level 178:
Q: match all the pairs.
Level 179:
Q: who is the winner?
Level 180:
Q: Help jerry to eascape!