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Brain Code Level 1-30 Game Answers and Solutions

Brain Code Answers Level 1-30 Game Solution and Walkthrough. We have solved all 30 puzzles to help you complete the app. See all commands below to solve the puzzles. Find help if you are stuck. Interact with views: move, rotate. Control in-game animations. There are 15 commands ex: /text, /rotate, /move, etc. To solve all puzzles you need to use all of the commands. SYNTAX: Each command starts with a slash (example: /menu). Commands with parameters have colon after the command (example: /rotate:90). To run a command hit the ‘run’ button. You can run only one command at a time.

brain : code – the hardest puzzle game download link: App Store and Google Play. Word brain code puzzle walkthrough guide, hints and cheats to all levels.
Brain Code Answers Level 1-30 Game Solution

What the developer .kk say about this puzzle game app:

Are you ready for something interesting?

Brain Code Level 1-30 Game Answers and Solution

Simply tap those balls with letters to connect words and solve puzzles. Easy but will get challenging. Great! Your brain : code game is started. Only 10% of you will complete all of them.

Level 1

❊Command: /Rotate:180
❊Rotate the 9 by 180 degrees to make it 6.

Level 2

❊Command: /Theme:white
❊Turn your theme white to erase the cage.

Level 3

❊Command: /Anim:stop
❊Stop the animation to the complete word.

Level 4

❊Make 7+1=10-2
❊Select 1st wheel with command: /select:c1, stop wheel 1 with command: /Anim:stop
❊Select 2nd wheel with command: /select:c2, stop wheel 2 with command: /Anim:stop

Level 5

❊Palindrome word, use command: /text:palindrome

Level 6

❊Start the animation with command: /Anim:start
❊Use your phone gyroscope to encircle the black dot to pass.

Level 7

❊Use space button after the command /text: _____________________, until the end of the screen –> press run.

Level 8

❊There are three angles (triangle), use command: /text:triangle

Level 9

❊Make a sentence, use command /text:I like this game

Level 10

❊Distance between earth and the moon is 384400 km.
❊Use command /text:384400.

Level 11

❊A map of Italy, use command /text:Italy

Level 12

❊Use command /rotate:180, “ASCII” (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) will appear.
❊Use ASCII code to repair the missing keys on the keyboard. Commands: /text:119 for w, /text:105 for i, /text:115 for s, /text:103 for g, /text:107 for k, /text:100 for d, /text:118 for c.

Level 13

❊Level 13 is missing.

Level 14

❊Red + yellow + blue color make “brown”, use command /text:brown

Level 15

❊Fit all four boxes in the big box.
❊Use commands: /select:r1, /move:-150,25, /select:r2, /move:75,175, /select: r3, /move: -125,125, /select:r4, /move: 125,-75

Level 16

❊Night level, change your time between 10 pm – 5 am.
❊A figure of seven stars will show called Ursa major, use the command /text:Ursa major.

Level 17

❊Use command /text:heart.

Level 18

❊Use command /Anim:start.
❊Rotate your device front-down, right-side down, left-side down and backside up to get the circular balls.

Level 19

❊Command /select:apple, /move:170,-210
❊Command /select:banana, now move it by /move:-10,-216

Level 20

❊10 levels left. Use command /text:10.

Level 21

❊5 rabbits. Binary code for 5 is 101, command /text:101

Level 22

❊Command /select:rabbit, command /move:0,80 and /move:0,40

Level 23

❊Make a two-way road. Command /text:———————

Level 24

❊Turn on airplane mode to pass the level.

Level 25

❊Scan the QR code. Take a screenshot and send it to another device to scan it.

Level 26

❊Coordinates. Shape A-C-D-C respectively, use command /text:acdc.

Level 27

❊Find the answer on my website –> The answer(command) is: /rotate:90, /move:20,20, /rotate:45, /move:0,55.

Level 28

❊Ceasor’s last words. Command /text:11

Level 29

❊What Level was skipped? Use command /text:13, /text:lazy

Level 30

❊Command: /Anim:start.
❊Use your phone gyroscope to encircle the white dot.

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